Darren’s Story Darren is a 51 year old male who lives in Cai

Darren’s Story Darren is a 51 year old male who lives in Cairns… Darren’s Story Darren is a 51 year old male who lives in Cairns where he is the owner/operator of a diving boat tour company. He has moved to a more sedentary role over the last few years and misses getting out and working with the tourists.Darren has one son, Jake, 15 who lives in Wallan, Victoria with his mum Lisa, step dad Kevin and his 5-year-old stepsister Ruby.Jake and Darren have a good relationship, Jake fly’s to Cairns twice a year during school holidays to stay with his Dad.Darren’s History  DOB: 23/11/1970Address:  25 Happy Street CairnsSmoker: 30 per day for last 20 years    Social Drinker 2 heavy beers a day after work and up to 10 a day on the weekends – Darren’s favourite saying -It’s 5 o’clock somewhere                                                      ^BMI -33 H: 1.8m W: 110Kg Waist: 115cm         Darren has a past medical history including, hypertension, hyperlipidaemia, mild depression and GORD. He currently takes medication for these conditions.       HypertensionHyperlipidaemiaMild DepressionGastric Oesophageal Reflux       He has experienced two episodes of upper abdominal pain during the night with associated nausea and vomiting within the last month.    MedicationsGeneric nameTrade nameDoseAtorvastatinLipitor10mg DailyAtenololNoten50mg  DailySertralineZoloft20mg  BDRanitidineZantac 150mg daily                                                                               Darren does not attend regular check-ups with his GP. He last had his medications reviewed when he presented to the GP around 12 months ago with his first presentation of upper abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting. He was commenced on Ranitidine at thiis time.In the last month, Darren has had two more severe episodes of upper abdominal pain with nausea & vomiting. He ignored the first episode and it settled after 24 hours. However, Darren has presented to the Emergency Department in Cairns 1/7 ago with similar symptoms but more severe.Darren’s diagnosis is mild- severe Cholecystitis. Darren has been transferred to the surgical ward where he is awaiting an elective Laparoscopic +/- Open Cholecystectomy. Darren has had pre- operative blood pathology collected including his Cholesterol, which is reading high. This is part of Darren’s pre-operative work up.Image transcription textClinical reasoning CYCle As a Patient 0 What makes this patientdifferent from the “typical” case 0 What is this patients”normal” What do we already know – Existing patient … Show more… Show moreImage transcription textClinical reasoning CYCle What are the most important issues andrisks for this patient? Prioritise and write as a Nursing ProblemStatement — Actual or Potential issue, related to the … Show more… Show more Health Science Science Nursing NSG 2ANA

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