Cultural and Spiritual Awareness Case Study Assignment Pleas

Cultural and Spiritual Awareness Case Study Assignment Please read… Cultural and Spiritual Awareness Case Study AssignmentPlease read cases, answer s in detail with references (at least two references per case study and site appropriately, APA). Consider using the ANA’s position statement Sarami was a nurse in Saudi Arabia for 12 years and has been in the United States for 7 years. She obtained her citizenship in the United States 2 years ago. After taking the necessary baccalaureate nursing classes, she passed her Mississippi state nursing boards 6 months ago. Sarami is employed as a home health care nurse and has been given three new patients. Her first patient is Patrick, a 76-year-old Chinese/ American male with a history of a stroke. Sarami called the patient’s home to set up an appointment time that would work best for Patrick for his intake. Patrick’s daughter answered the phone and noticed Sarami’s accent. The daughter informed Sarami that her Dad was “old school” and did not know if he would be accepting of a foreigner in his home. The daughter also asks if Sarami will be wearing all the head garb when she comes to the home because if she does, then the family would like to request a different provider that is more American.  2. Have you ever experienced or witnessed a difficult situation that was premised on cultural ignorance based on personal beliefs, stereotypes, or assumptions? Explain what happened. How could have the situation been handled better? 3. What if the cultures were reversed and the patient was from Saudi Arabia and the nurse felt uncomfortable caring for a patient within this culture? 4. Look up the Chinese culture and name three things that would be beneficial for Sarami to know about this patient’s culture related to family, medications, health care, and norms of eye contact and touch. 5. If the patient’s son is not available to serve as the interpreter, what are some of Sarami’s other options? 6. When Sarami performs the patient’s history, how does she address the patient’s gender identity and sexual history? Health Science Science Nursing NUR MISC

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