Course diploma of community service Unit- CHCLEG003 MANAGE L

Course diploma of community service Unit- CHCLEG003 MANAGE LEGAL… Course diploma of community serviceUnit- CHCLEG003 MANAGE LEGAL AND ETHICAL COMPLIANCE  textNathan is a youth worker. He has been working with Gillian for some time now. Recently Nathan has been spending more time with Gillian than with other clients. One day Nathan suggests to Gillian that she come to his house to watch a movie. Gillian does not want to do this, as the other clients are starting to talk about her and Nathan. Nathan tells her not to worry about it, and to make sure she comes around to his place tonight otherwise he will tell his supervisor that she has been smoking marijuana. Gillian feels that she has to go because she is scared to get in trouble.Review the Australian Community Workers Association Code of Ethics at the website: on what you have read, what principle is Nathan contravening? ANSWERI am of the that Nathan is really infringing confidentially. It is known that each person has legal protection against harassments, incidence of torture and bullying. It is then that person’s decisions to undertake or contemplate an action as he or she wants. The matter of confidentiality is of grave importance in the context of any office or a workplace. The clients need to provide protection or promotion of confidentiality. In this case, Gillian is surely getting victimized of the incidence of black mails from Nathan who is her colleague. Firstly, it is Gillian’s choice on smoking marijuana and is really unrestricted in terms of others to control this habit of hers. So, it is clear that her colleague Nathan in infringing as he is violating her confidentiality and even causing the harassment to Gillian, as he comes at her place or even tries exposing this habit of her to the supervisor leading Gillian to leave organization.     CommentsTUTOR Comment:RE-ADDRESS.   although it is a good explanation.   You are required to identify the actual Number of the principle under the code of ethics.    textMajd has just been recruited to work at the local neighbourhood house. He has presented his police check but hasn’t yet obtained his Working with Children Check. Majd is well known to the coordinator of the community house as they live next door to each other. The coordinator knows that Majd has children and looks after them well. The coordinator asks Majd to run the children’s program today. What two Acts has the coordinator breached? ANSWERThe Coordinator breached the acts are:Code of conductCode of practiceCommentsTUTOR Comment:RE-ADDRESSThese are not Acts of law.   You are required to identify the actual acts of law which relate to child protection.  textMajd is anxious to please on his first day of work but knows he can’t lawfully work with children until his Working with Children Check is completed. But he doesn’t want to lose his job on the first day!  What should Majd do?Majd is said to be eager to please on his first day of work, but he is aware that he cannot legally work with children until he has completed his working with children course. Regardless of the fact that working with children is not appropriate until we have finished our working with children check. However, the coordinator of the communal house where Majd is recruited to work Knows him well from having some children and adequately caring for them. So, it would be preferable if he went to the coordinator and explained the situation to him, and then came up with the best solution, whether to work or not, as the coordinator can trust him. CommentsComment: well done   textBridgette is the only female out of seven workers in her unit and is being harassed by her colleagues.They constantly make jokes and comments about her being a female and about the quality of her work.  They say that she is not good at her job as she is a female and all the male clients make sexualised comments about her. They also say she would not be strong enough to defend herself if one of the clients was to assault her.When an opportunity comes up for Bridgette to take on a project planning a new unit, she is told not to attempt to apply for it – she is a woman and would not be able to understand the need of the all-male clients. What legislation is being breached in this scenario? ANSWERThe legislation which is being breached in this scenario is:sex discriminations Act 1984  b)      Write a step-by-step complaints management process that Bridgette could follow if she wanted to formally lodge a complaintShe should approach her supervisorIf she is not able to approach her  supervisor, then she may like to move up the chain of command within the organization. She may follow the org hierarchy in the this case.She must provide the complaint in writing.She must give a reasonable argument about the events and provide sufficient  details about what happened as well as when it happened. along with the time stamps.She must be specific in answering the s like “where?, who?, what?”Finally she must ensure that she complies with the HREOC process.c)      Who could Bridgette talk to so she can get some reliable advice about this issue? List four sources.Bridgette can talk to, so she can get some reliable advice about this issue, to Human Rights Commission’s National Information Service. Phone 1300 656 419 email 2.Bridgette can talk to, so she can get some reliable advice about this issue, to omen’s Legal Service Victoria, Level 10/277 William Street Melbourne Advice line 8622 0600 Tues and Thur 5:30 – 7:30Bridgette can talk to, so she can get some reliable advice about this issue, to Legal Aid Victoria, Ph # 1300 792 387 4.Bridgette can talk to, so she can get some reliable advice about this issue, to Law and Advocacy Centre for Women, 292 Hoddle Street AbbotsfordCommentsTUTOR Comment:re-address.   Although most of your answer is correct.    It is best that you refer to sources of information in Western Australia.    Health Science Science Nursing FACILITATE CHCMGT005-

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