COMPETENCY ASSESSMENT PROCEDURE 11-2: DOCUMENTING TELEPHONE… COMPETENCY ASSESSMENTPROCEDURE 11-2: DOCUMENTING TELEPHONE MESSAGES ACCURATELY Task:To record an accurate message and follow up as required.Conditions:• Telephone• Message pad• Black ink pen• Notepad• Clock or watchStandards:Perform the Task within 5 minutes with a minimum score of 70 percent. Scoring: Determine student’s score by dividing points awarded by total points possible and multiplying results by 100.Competency Assessment InformationDocument a phone message using the information below:”This is Heidi from Dr. Kwiczola’s office calling for Dr. Lewis. We have a new patient, Marsha Beckman, a patient in our psychiatric practice, who is experiencing symptoms of fatigue, anxiety, palpitations, and weight loss. Dr. Kwiczola suspects this patient may be suffering from hyperthyroidism. Dr. Kwiczola will be in the office tomorrow from 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. and can be reached at 555-7181.”Time began: Time ended:Total time: No.StepPointsCheck #1Check #2Check #31.Answered the telephone.10   2.Used a message pad or documented directly into the EMR. Requested the following information:• Date and time call is received• Name and correct spelling of person calling, daytime and evening telephone numbers, including area code and extension when appropriate• Date of birth, clinic number, or social security number to verify correct patient• Who the call is for• The reason for the call• The action to be taken• The name or initials of the person taking the call15   3.Repeated the above information back to the caller.10   4.If the call is from an established patient or concerns an established patient, pulled the medical record/chart and attached the message to it before delivering the message to the intended individual.15   5.Maintained the old message book with all carbon copies intact.10   CHECK #1 Evaluator’s Signature:Date: CHECK #2 Evaluator’s Signature:Date: CHECK #3 Evaluator’s Signature:Date: ABHES Competency: MA.A.1.7.g Display professionalism through written and verbal communicationsCAAHEP Competencies: V.P.6 Demonstrate professional telephone techniques; V.P.7 Document telephone messages accurately; V.A.1 Demonstrate: (a) empathy, (b) active listening, and (c) nonverbal communication; V.A.3 Demonstrate respect for individual diversity including: (a) gender, (b) race, (c) religion, (d) age, (e) economic status, and (f) appearance  Health Science Science Nursing

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