Compare and contrast the three different levels of health pr

Compare and contrast the three different levels of health promotion… Compare and contrast the three different levels of health promotion (primary, secondary, tertiary). Discuss how the levels of prevention help determine educational needs for a patient.   Ans: In healthcare there are levels of health promotion strategies.All are aimed to promote health,well being of individuals and patients in a society.The three levels have their own scope of promoting health and well being in a society.The three levels of promotion are:• Primary promotion or prevention:It is a type of health promotion that involves the prevention of onset of diseases in a population.In this the main objective of the health education is to create awareness in public about the importance of health habits,life style,food habits on over all well being of an individual.It also ensures that people get vaccinated for themselves and their children.So this level of promotion is aimed to check onset of diseases by:• Taking healthy diet based on fibres,fruits and low fat diet• Quit harmful habits such as smoking• Life style i.e light exercise• Timely vaccination• Secondry promotion or prevention: It is aimed at early detection and diagonosis of pathological changes.The changes can be colour change on a female breast,persistent fever and skin discoluration.Patients noticing changes in blood pressure.In this health educator can advise and suggest people to report healthcare facility at earliest and get themselves examined well before diseases can progress.It involves mammograms for breast ,measurement of blood pressure,pulse and temperature.Currently there is a pandemic of corona virus which can be controlled if patient is intercepted and educated earliest to report healthcare centre.Tertiary level of promotion or prevention: It is aimed to reduce the mortality and morbidity of the pathology that has already progressed.So in this individual is already diseased.The objective is to rehabilitate the patient so that he or she can live a better life.The role of health promotion at this level is crucial as this will ensure that patient is taking medicines as suggested by physician.In this patients are councelled why and how to take medicines, suggestions for physical and other therupatic measures.Health educator can be asked to visit homes of patients to see if they are acting on medical suggestions.for example in patients with Tuberculosis.All the three levels of promotion help to determine the educational needs of the patient.At primary level there is a requirement for awareness about health,hygiene and impact of diet,life style,habits and vaccinations on the health of an individual.At a secondry level there is a requirement for early detection and intervention.So patients can be asked to report health centre at earliest to prevent further progression as in Corona virus infection currently.At tertiary level there is a need for councelling how and why patient needs to take medicines and also need for rehabiltation so that patient can live better life. Health Science Science Nursing NRS 429 VN

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