Colleen Redman Case Study Colleen Redman is a 59-year-old wo

Colleen Redman Case Study Colleen Redman is a 59-year-old woman… Colleen Redman Case Study Colleen Redman is a 59-year-old woman admitted to a medical ward. Colleen was brought to the emergency department by her son, Brian, after feeling dizzy and short of breath at her granddaughters AFL game.Colleen lives alone in a small second level apartment and works full-time as a cleaner. Her son describes her as a very sociable and friendly person who loves a chat.Colleen enjoys spending her mornings watching her shows and never misses an episode of “Everdale”. She usually goes out every Saturday to the local hotel to meet with her long-term friends for lunch and a few drinks. Her work means that she is in the habit of sleeping in late in the morning as her usual shift does not start until 1300. She tends to buy her lunch and dinner at the fish and chip shop across the road from the school that she works at during the week.Colleen usually joins Brian and his family every weekend to watch her granddaughter play AFL but has missed a few games over the last two months. Brian has noticed that his mother has lost weight in recent months and is not eating as much. She has also started having afternoon naps on her days off.   Colleen has chronic pain in her lower back from an old work-related injury, shortness of breath, is a current smoker, and suffers from constipation. She visits her GP once a year for her influenza vaccinations and goes to the pharmacy regularly to replace her “breathing puffers”. Her GP has spoken to her about analgesia and options to have further investigations about her breathing, but she states she “just works hard” and is “too busy” to have the tests. She does take prune juice for her constipation and aspirin for her pain, which she buys from the local supermarket on her weekly trip to the shops. Colleen has not visited the dentist for over 25 yearsColleen is a 162cm and weighs 42kg at time of admission. She is pale, and her skin is dry, and you note poor skin turgor.You need complete a Mini Nutritional Assessment (MNA) with Colleen. 3a.After completing the MNA, do you consider Colleen has a normal nutritional status, is at risk of malnutrition or is she malnourished? Provide a brief rationale for your response.Health Science Science Nursing CNN MISC

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