Collaborative Practice: RPNs work collaboratively with clien

Collaborative Practice: RPNs work collaboratively with clients and… Collaborative Practice:RPNs work collaboratively with clients and other members of the health care team. They recognize that collaborative practice is guided by shared values and accountability, a common purpose or care outcome, mutual respect, and effective communication. (from College of Nurses of Ontario, Entry-to-Practice Competencies (New), 2019) Consider the above description of collaborative practice provided by the CNO in the RPN Entry-to-Practice Competencies (2019).  Many s may come to mind.  You may be thinking:What does this statement really mean?How would it be recognized in healthcare?What shared values would be evident in collaborative practice?In what ways does collaboration impact healthcare delivery?Why is collaborative practice included in the competencies?Who are the other members of the healthcare team?Do the other members of the healthcare team expect collaboration in practice too (or is this unique to nursing)?And the list goes on…As a student of practical nursing, a first step towards recognizing collaborative practice is to see it in action and then follow the examples set by others.  Therefore, it is important that your first experiences with collaborative practice be relevant, meaningful and accurate to help develop your professional role.  However, do all nurses have the same vision of collaborative practice?  What does your vision of collaborative practice look like?  Is it the same as other students in the program?  To explore this topic, you are going to See-Think-Elaborate-Wonder (STEW)!See:  With the CNO description of collaborative practice in mind, look closely at this image. Briefly describe exactly what you see. (Image Source: SAIT, 2015)Think: What do you think is going on in the image? What kinds of interpretations can be formed based on your observations? What do you see or notice that makes you say that? Back up your thinking with evidence/examples from the image.Elaborate: How do your thoughts and interpretations connect to the CNO description of collaborative practice? What do you know about collaborative practice? How has your current or previous knowledge and experiences influenced your interpretation? Provide examples.Use your textbook and CNO resources to support your elaboration. Wonder: Based on what you have seen and noticed in this picture, what broader s do you have that could connect to other issues and ideas about collaborative practice?Health Science Science Nursing PNUR MISC

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