Clinical Journal Purpose: The clinical journal provides the

Clinical Journal Purpose: The clinical journal provides the student… Clinical JournalPurpose:The clinical journal provides the student with the opportunity to reflect upon learning in the clinical area, and express feelings and reactions to the clinical experience. Using a journal also assists the student to both observe and describe. “The journal is a tool that assists the student in developing critical thought by increasing conceptual clarity” (Callister, 1993, p. 185).Requirements:Each student is expected to finish  journal entry as directed by instructor. A pocket folder is suggested. (Computer entries are acceptable but are to be maintained bound in some manner in chronological order.) Journals are to be submitted to the instructor on the Monday morning following clinical and will be reviewed by the instructor and returned prior to/or at the next clinical. Journal entries should be made as soon as possible following the clinical experience and should include reflections on the following.Journal Entries:Journal entries are a personal recording of the events of the clinical day rather than an objective narrative and include:1. Personal learning objective for the day (determined prior to clinical) and related to course objectives.2. Personal reactions to the clinical experience (thoughts and feelings).3. New insights gained4. s and dilemmas5. Interactions and experiences with client other health care professionals, or individuals that impacted experience6. Include description of setting.s to include in your reflection:What did I do in this situation?What was the outcome?Was it the outcome I had anticipated?If not, what was different?Why was it different; was it something I did, something a patient did, something that happened in the environment around us?Was I happy with the way things turned out? Why?How could I do things differently another time when presented with a similar situation?What were some of the things I did well in this situation?What are some things I could improve?Are there things in this situation I cannot change? Why is that?  Skills List: Include a Skills Performed lastly on each journal. Please list individual skills performed. Example below:Skills Performed 1/1/15Obtained HR x4Obtained pulse x2Obtained Blood glucose x4Performed bed bath x2Helped ambulate patient x3Obtained temperature x4Listened to bowel sounds x1Palpated abdomen x1Assessed for abdominal bruits x1Evaluation:Journal entries facilitate dialogue between the student and the instructor. All entries remain confidential. Entries are evaluated based on evidence of critical thinking, personal learning, and ability to reflect upon the experience.   Health Science Science Nursing NUR 4435

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