Client with fluid volume excess, the nurse would expect whic

Client with fluid volume excess, the nurse would expect which of… Client with fluid volume excess, the nurse would expect which of the following signs/symptoms?Client with hyperkalemia. Which body system would be the highest priorityPrincipal site for regulation of fluid and electrolyte balanceAdmitted to the hospital with dehydration. Which of the following vital signs is an expected finding?Client who has a terminal illness. Death is expected within 24 hours. The client’s family is at the bedside and asks the nurse what they should expect at this time?What are the ranges for Sodium, Potassium?List coping strategies the nurse can implement when grieving for a client who diedList signs or symptoms a client with a urinary tract infection Tap water enema to her client with constipation. Which position should the nurse position the client in prior to administering the enemaPACU is assessing a client who has a newly created colostomy. Which of the following findings should the nurse report to the provider immediately?Older adult client who reports a sudden onset of urinary incontinence. Which conditions can cause incontinence in the older adult client?Which is an expected change in urinary elimination of the aging adult?What is the purpose of a guaiac test Nurse determines the client has abdominal distension in his suprapubic region. Which will the nurse perform first?What are the 6 medication rights? What are the four additional rights?What are considered phases of pharmacokineticsWhich findings indicates that the client is experiencing maladaptive grief?What types of medications can be administered through a client’s nasogastric tube?What is the difference in palliative care and hospice care? What is Disenfranchised grief? give and exampleWhat is Complicated grief? give an example of itWhat is Normal grief? give an example of itWhat is Anticipatory? grief give an example of itAssessment on a client who has hypervolemia. The nurse should expect which findings?The client is refusing to even look at an emergent colostomy. Which is the best response/action by the nurse to promote autonomy in this client?Which of the following vital signs is an expected finding with dehydration?Death is expected within 24 hours. What should they expect at this time? What are the phases of death?What are the phases of grief?Nurse is providing postmortem care for a client, what is the sequence to which this must be done?Interventions can be incorporated into the client’s care for the prevention of skin breakdown?Health Science Science Nursing NURSING NUR 215

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