Choose one of the learning activity cases found in your text

Choose one of the learning activity cases found in your textbook OR… Choose one of the learning activity cases found in your textbook OR share your own story and discuss which behavioral science theory (or theories) could be used.Reply to at least one classmate’s post.Learning Activity Case 1Consider the following case: A school nurse is working with a 14-year-old student suspected of being addicted to alcohol. Discuss with classmates what concepts from the various theories described could be used in planning nursing interventions. Using the theories from social psychology, how could the nurse set up a health-promotion campaign for a teenage drug and alcohol program?Learning Activity Case 2Consider the following case: A 30-year-old woman arrives in the emergency department. She is diagnosed with a drug overdose. Assessment data reveal the following information: She has three children (18 months, 4 years old, and 14 years old); she is in the process of her second divorce; she took 25 diazepam (Valium) tablets (2 mg/tablet), which her doctor had given her for stress; she is unemployed; and she did not graduate from high school. Which theory (or theories) should be used to direct her care? What concepts from other theories could be used to enhance her care?Learning Activity Case 3Consider the following case: A 65-year-old woman is being admitted for a mastectomy due to cancer. She expresses fear and depression during the nursing assessment. What concepts from the various theories could be used in planning her care? How might her care be changed if the woman were 25 years old or 45 years old? How have social psychology theories been used in promoting breast cancer awareness?Learning Activity Case 4Consider the following case: A 52-year-old man is admitted to the hospital for hypertension for the third time in the past year. Each time, he stopped taking his medications because he was “feeling good.” What concepts from the various theories could be used to change his behavior? How could the nurse set up a health-promotion program for managing hypertension in the hospital? In the community?McEwen, Melanie. Theoretical Basis for Nursing (p. 327-328).     Health Science Science Nursing NURS 5013

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