Charlotte Caballero Case Study Alternate Version Slide One P

Charlotte Caballero Case Study Alternate Version Slide One Please… Charlotte Caballero Case Study Alternate VersionSlide OnePlease enter your name: Slide TwoCharlotte Caballero78-years-oldLives in the dementia centerDiagnosed with Alzheimer’s diseaseStarted on donepezilSlide ThreeCharlotte CaballeroPlaced in assisted livingRecently hospitalizedHer cognitive impairment got much worseSlide FourHer primary care physician completed the initial exam four days ago. You are asked to see her at the request of the family, who does not understand why she could not return to assisted living.Slide FiveYou review the physician’s note, and he believes her AD has progressed to the moderate stage and is considering adding Namenda to donepezil therapy.Slide SixThe nursing staff report she appears to be confused but is pleasant and cooperative and has improved since her admission.Slide SevenPhysical ExamAlertDisorientedMMSE is 24/30Adequate tugorFull muscle strengthNormal vital signsSlide Eight1. What is the differential diagnosis? Slide Nine1. What is the differential diagnosis?Your Response: Suggested Response: Dementia with superimposed delirium secondary to acute illness.Slide Ten2. Do you believe that adding Namenda to her medication at this time is advised? : Slide Eleven2. Do you believe that adding Namenda to her medication at this time is advised?Your Response: Suggested Response: Since her cognitive decline was rather abrupt, coincided with an acute illness, and appears to be resolving, it may not be advised at this time. It would be appropriate to have a discussion with the physician.Slide Twelve3. If she does have a resolving delirium, what non-pharmacological approaches would you suggest to the nursing staff and family?Your Response: Suggested ResponseAssure adequate nutrition and hydrationEncourage her mobilityCorrect for vision/hearingAddress safety issuesAssure adequate sleepAssure adequate pain managementReorient/redirect as appropriateSlide Thirteen4. What is her prospect of returning to assisted living ?: Slide Fourteen4. What is her prospect of returning to assisted living?Your Response: Suggested Response: With resolving delirium, it is good as long as aggressive nursing interventions are taken to prevent premature decline or complications. Have a discussion with the assisted living staff and with the family.Health Science Science Nursing NUR 648

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