Case: Trevor, a 25-year old male, arrives at the local healt

Case: Trevor, a 25-year old male, arrives at the local health… Case:Trevor, a 25-year old male, arrives at the local health clinic to get a physical for work. He notices the forms ask for his current gender identity and his sex at birth. He is surprised, but glad to see that the clinic might actually be trans-affirming. The practical nurse enters, greets him pleasantly, and asks, “What brings you in today?” Trevor reports that he has not seen a medical practitioner in over 6 years. The practical nurse notices his paperwork and says, “Well, welcome to being a woman.” Trevor is horrified. He thought that this clinic would be different, especially with the forms he filled out earlier. Trevor tells the practical nurse “didn’t you see how I identify? I’m not a woman; I’m a man!” The practical nurse tries to gather him/herself and says, “I am so sorry, I did not see that. This is new to me and I am slowly learning how to treat our patients who identify as transgender. Let’s try this again.” Trevor accepts the apology and proceeds to tell the practical nurse that he has not seen a medical practitioner for many years because of treatment like what just happened. He mentions he needs a physical for his new job. The practical nurse tells Trevor to inform the practical nurse if something is said that is not correct regarding his body parts, offers him a gown (in case he is shy about his body), and begins conducting an assessment and vital signs, explaining each step in the process to him as it is done. Trevor is feeling more comfortable with the practical nurse and begins to share more about his medical history.  1. ) Discuss the cultural presented: The name, origins, language(s) spoken, dress, food practices, geographical location, etc. 2.) State as many traditions/behaviours a member of your presented culture would typically practice related to nursing and health-care.  If applicable, also mention any issues that may come up related to these cultural traditions and North American health-care practices.  How would you as a nurse caring for this individual navigate these types of issues and work with a client within our health-care system, while respecting your client’s cultural traditions?3.) If members in this culture typically care for one another, how would this affect health-care of that individual if placed in a hospital or another setting that practices typical Western medical and nursing practices? Who would be expected to care for them? Traditionally, how involved are the family members in the care of their loved ones?  Thank you for helping me Health Science Science Nursing NURSING NR351

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