Case study You are a nurse working the evening shift on a bu

Case study You are a nurse working the evening shift on a busy…                                              Case study                  You are a nurse working the evening shift on a busy Medical Unit in a large metropolitan medical center.Mrs. Barker is admitted from the Emergency Department (ED) with a diagnosis of acute pancretitis. A friend brought her to the ED.                 Mrs. Barker received an opioid for pain relief 45 minutes ago, and at this time reports pain as 1 on a scale of 1-10. Mrs. Barker’s blood glucose is elevated at 200 mg/dL and her WBC is 19,000/mm3. As Mrs. Barker is moved to her bed, you notice she is pale and weak, and that her lips are dry and cracked. Her skin turgor is poor. Data indicates that Mrs. Barker is dehydrated and hypovolemic. Her blood pressure is low, her lips are dry and cracked, and her skin turgor is poor. Mrs. Barker admits to drinking heavily in recent weeks, probably more than usual. She also says she is disgusted with herself and really wants help to stop drinking. A nasogastric (NG) tube is in place and connected to low intermittent suction. Since admission, 200 mL of yellow-green fluid has drained from the NG tube. You provide emotional support, and plan to help Mrs. Barker address this issue again, when her condition stabilizes. Two days later, Mrs. Barker’s condition has improved dramatically. Her pain has diminished. Her fluid volume status is improved.  Mrs. Barker has active bowel sounds. Her nasogastic (NG) tube has been removed, and she is hungry. She has lost 4 kg (8.8 pounds). A clear fluid diet is started and tolerated well.                       Five days after admission, Mrs. Barker is tolerating a regular diet, with some restrictions. Preparation for discharge becomes a priority for Mrs. Barker. Mrs. Barker’s emotional state is good. Children and friends have visited frequently. However, Mrs. Barker is concerned about her drinking and upcoming discharge. Image transcription textAssessment Data – 50-year-old divorced housewife -has three grown children, all living out-of-state – a 15-20year history of alcohol abuse – height 163 c… Show more… Show moreImage transcription textVital Signs Flow Sheet Heart Time BP rate R Sp02Temp/Mode 6 PM 98/62 104 28 36.4 C (101 1 5)… Show more i need proper ncp for this scenario. here are the instruction complete a care plan individually based of one of your clinical scenarions.  Please ensure that you develop one nursing diagnosis, outline a complete head to toe assessment, develop three goals (SMART) and 3-5 interventions per goal.  Remember that each intervention requires an APA referenced rationale.please helpHealth Science Science Nursing CDM 200

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