CASE STUDY PROGRESS The following day, L.S. gets the dischar

CASE STUDY PROGRESS The following day, L.S. gets the discharge… CASE STUDY PROGRESSThe following day, L.S. gets the discharge orders shown in the chart.Chart ViewDischarge OrdersDischarge to homeFollow up with primary care provider in 3 days for evaluationAlbuterol (Proventil HFA) MDI: 2 puffs with spacer every 4 hours prnPrednisolone (Prelone) 1 mg/kg PO every day for 5 days (L.S. weighs 23 kg.)Fluticasone (Flovent HFA) MDI: 1 puff with spacer twice a dayMontelukast (Singulair) 5 mg every evening POProvide peak flow meterRegular diet 7. Ms. S. asks why she will use the spacer with the medicine L.S. inhales. Explain the purpose ofusing a spacer with the metered-dose inhaler (MDI). 8. Place the steps of using the MDI with the spacer in the correct order (1 = first step, 5 = last step) a. ___ Depress the top of the inhaler to release medication, and breathe in slowly for3 to 5 seconds, holding the breath for 5 to 10 seconds at the end of inspiration.b. ___ Shake the inhaler well, 10 to 15 times, and attach to the spacer.c. ___ Wait 1 to 2 minutes between puffs if more than one puff of the quick-relief medication is ordered.d. ___ Remove and exhale slowly through the nose. e. ___ At the end of expiration, place mouthpiece into the mouth, forming an airtight seal.f. ___ Tilt the head back and exhale completely.    9.  During your medication teaching session with Ms. S. and L.S., you ask Ms. S. to teach back what she has learned about taking two different inhalers. Ms. S. makes this statement: “So, if he has totake both inhalers at the same time, he should take the Flovent first, then the albuterol. Right?” Isthis statement true or false? Explain your answer.  10. Ms. S. then asks, “How long should we wait between giving the two inhalers if they are both due at the same time? Can we just give them one after the other?” What is your response?     11. As you continue your medication teaching, you explain the difference between long-term controllers and quick relief medications. Place a C beside the controller medication(s) and an R beside the quick relief medication(s). _____ a. Albuterol _____ b. Prelone _____ c. Flovent _____ d. Singulair    12. After L.S. takes a dose of the inhaled corticosteroid Flovent, what is the most important action he should do next? Explain your answer.  a. Hold his breath for 45 seconds. b. Rinse out his mouth with water.c. Repeat the dose in 5 minutes if he feels short of breath.d. Check his PFM reading for an improvement of function.      13. Ms. S. comes back from the pharmacy with the Prelone and asks you to show her how much to give. Prelone is dispensed as 15 mg/5 mL. You give her a 10-mL oral dosage syringe. How much will she draw up for this dose? (Round to tenths.)    14. During the teaching session, you give L.S. a peak flow meter (PFM) and provide teaching for him and Ms. S. But L.S. looks puzzled and asks you, “Is this another medicine I have to take?” How would you explain the purpose of a peak flow meter to L.S.? 15. L.S. tells you that he loves to play basketball and football and asks you whether he can still do these activities. How will you respond?   16. Discuss the points to include in your discharge teaching regarding prevention of acute asthmatic episodes and symptom management.   17. List three Internet sites to which you can refer them for further information.Health Science Science Nursing NURS 3314

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