Case Study Patient Profile C.M., a 78-yr-old woman, is admit

Case Study Patient Profile C.M., a 78-yr-old woman, is admitted to… Case StudyPatient ProfileC.M., a 78-yr-old woman, is admitted to the emergency department after falling and injuring her right hip. She has been widowed for 4 years and lives alone. Recently her best friend died. Her only family is a daughter who lives out of town. When contacted by phone, the daughter tells the nurse that her mother has appeared more disoriented and confused over the past few months when she has talked to her on the phone. Subjective Data• Describing severe pain in her right hip• Admits she had some wine in the late afternoon to stimulate her appetite• Has experienced several falls in the past 2 months• Reports that she fell after taking a prescribed sleeping pill because she does not sleep well• Speech is hesitant and slurred• Says she smokes about a half pack of cigarettes a day Objective DataPhysical Examination• Oriented to person and place, but not time• BP 162/94, pulse 92, respirations 24• Severe pain and tenderness in the right hip region• Bilateral hand tremors Diagnostic Tests• X-ray reveals a subtrochanteric fracture of the right femur requiring surgical repair• Blood alcohol concentration (BAC) 120 mg/dL (0.12%)• Complete blood count: Hemoglobin 10.6 g/dL, hematocrit 33% Discussion s1. What other information is needed to assess C.M.’s condition?          2. How should you address s about these areas?    3. What factors may contribute to C.M.’s substance use?        4. Priority Decision: Based on the assessment data given, what are the priority nursing diagnoses? Are there any collaborative problems?          5. Priority Decision: What are the priority nursing interventions during C.M.’s preoperative period?           6. What possible complications and injury risks may occur during C.M.’s postoperative recovery?        7. Safety: To ensure C.M.’s safety, what nursing interventions are necessary after surgery?          8. Delegation Decision: How would you use the unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP) on the postoperative unit to carry out the interventions that you identified in5?            9. Collaboration: What referrals are indicated?Health Science Science Nursing NURSING MISC

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