Case Study – Mrs. Templeton Case Scenario “If she calls me s

Case Study – Mrs. Templeton Case Scenario “If she calls me sweetie… Case Study – Mrs. Templeton  Case Scenario “If she calls me sweetie pie again, I’m going to scream.” Mrs. Templeton turned on her call light to ask for help getting up to the commode, and it was answered by the certified nursing assistant (CNA) who was assigned to care for her again today. Mrs. Templeton hated how she was being treated by this CNA. It was obvious that the CNA had no respect for her, and she was talking about doing a “car wash” again today to get her bath done quickly. Mrs. Templeton knew that the car wash was two people rapidly washing her while she lay there naked with the CNAs talking about anything but what they were doing. She felt like an inanimate object when they did this and wanted to be anywhere but in the bed. Nursing Assessment Including Patient Story Mrs. Templeton, 72 years old, had fallen 1 week earlier, tripping over a rug; she sustained both a fractured hip and a fractured pelvis. Her vital signs were blood pressure: 124/80 mm Hg; temperature: 98.2° F; pulse: 98 beats per minute; and respirations: 20 breaths per minute, all within normal. The fractured hip was repaired, but Mrs. T. remains on bed rest to heal the pelvic fracture. She is allowed to get up only to use the commode at her bedside. The pain is decreasing at the site of the injuries-it is now a 5 on a scale of 0 to 10-and she is taking less pain medication. However, the disability she sustained and the lack of respect she is receiving are devastating. Her facial expression is very anxious and unhappy. She is oriented to time, place, and person and able to move all four extremities. Mrs. T. is a retired registered nurse (RN) who lost her husband 5 years earlier and previously lived alone and managed well by herself until the recent fall. She did not take any medications at home. Now, she has been admitted to this extended care facility for care and rehabilitation to enable her to eventually return home. Her son, who is a lawyer, chose this facility without her input; he has durable power of attorney. She wants to move to another facility where she will be treated with respect. She has talked with her son about being transferred to another facility, but he has not been willing to help her. Complete the attached concept map using information from this case scenario.  Neurological: Cardiovascular: Respiratory: Elimination: Safety: Others: Objective data: Subjective data: Priority #1: Priority #2: Priority #3:       Health Science Science Nursing HSC 189

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