Case study At 79, Mr. X is bedridden because of a fracture i

Case study At 79, Mr. X is bedridden because of a fracture in his… Case study At 79, Mr. X is bedridden because of a fracture in his lower spinal column. He was diagnosed more than a year ago by doctor in a small hospital about three hours from Davao City. He was given analgesics which he took if he could not bear the pain.  Gerald, as he is called by family and friends was a farmer for more than 60 years. He never went to high school, married Kim, who is 4 years younger, when he was 21. Kim came from Luzon to join a married sibling in Mindanao. Their children—a teacher and an engineer—now have their own families, with their own grandchildren. Gerald and Kim live near their farm, where in addition to planting rice and vegetables, they raised chickens, goats and pigs. These were their main source of income that enabled them to send their children to public schools. Until about 10 years ago, they would go to the farm in their motorbike, or in a tricycle. When it was getting more difficult to do so, they hired farm workers to do what they have been doing through the years. In their old age, they have been living on their own, although their daughter and her family live nearby. They were very active in their church, attending services and other activities every week, until Covid-19 struck. They have not been vaccinated until the end of 2021. Despite her unvaccinated status Kim would still go to the market to collect the rent for her stalls. From all sources, the elderly couple live on their about 15, 000 php monthly income. Both of them have had no contact with the local health system, except for brief hospitalizations in a small private hospital in the municipality and in the provincial capital. When she has some “minor” health concerns, she would call a relative and ask for advice, usually something about her nutrition—she is underweight because she does not eat well (she has always been choosy with regards to what she eats). She was told she has osteoporosis but has never had a formal diagnosis and has not taken calcium supplements. They do not have financial problems for their daily needs and “minor” medical expenses (medical consultations and medicines). What Kim is worried about is if her husband will be hospitalized, and worse, if he dies. If that happens, she intends to continue living alone in her house, with an assistant.  If you have the opportunity to ask Gerald and Kim, what s will you ask them regarding process and experience of aging from their point of view including their needs, problems, responses to their condition/problems ? Give 10 appropriate and properly-worded s, coping and preferences  (English) Health Science Science Nursing POTD 533

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