CASE STUDY. A 24 years old, pregnant client, G2P1, (Gravida

CASE STUDY. A 24 years old, pregnant client, G2P1, (Gravida 2, Para…                                                                                CASE STUDY. A 24 years old, pregnant client, G2P1, (Gravida 2, Para 1001), presents in the labor triage area for an evaluation. She has an EDC of 1/20/22. She states she has been having contractions every 2-4 minutes apart for two hours. Her first baby was born three years ago. As the nurse gathers more information, please identify 3 things that are relevant to this patient’s care.The patient is admitted to the labor floor in active labor. Please list 3 things the nurse will do while admitting a patient in “active labor” and why they are important. As the patient progresses in labor she becomes irritable, anxious, and begins to experience nausea and pressure. What is your nursing impression of why these symptoms are likely occurring? The patient advances to fully dilated and is feeling the “urge to push”. What stage of labor has this patient progress to?  advances to fully dilated and is feeling the “urge to push”. What stage of labor has this patient progress to?  Based on the nurse’s knowledge of the differences of labor progress in the Primipara and the Multipara; How long would you anticipate the length of this stage of labor to be for the patient? To prevent a tear of the perineum the provider chose to manually cut, with a sterile scissors. This procedure is known as a? What is the average length of time of the third stage of labor for a multipara and primipara? Immediately upon delivery of the infant, please identify three priority responsibilities for the nurse responsible for the newborn and why? Postpartum care of the maternity patient immediately following a vaginal delivery includes what three responsibilities of the delivery room nurse and why? Postpartum: Please define the following terms:lochia Fundus Involution Subinvolution uterine atony Skin-to-skin bonding engorgementcolostrumpostpartum (baby) blues. Immediately after the delivery process, lochia in the amount of 500ml. or greater is defined as a postpartum hemorrhage (PPH). Please identify three pharmacologic agents that may be used to stop or prevent this condition. During assessment of a postpartum patient the nurse finds the uterus displaced to the right and slightly higher than anticipated (above the umbilicus). What is the likely cause of this and what would be the most appropriate nursing action? Appropriate care of a woman with a 2nd-degree perineal repair during the postpartum recovery would include? The nurse caring for the post-op c-section patient is concerned that this woman may be experiencing a deep vein thrombosis of her left calf. Please identify 3 signs or symptoms of a DVT the patient may complain of. The nursing woman is experiencing pain with her newborn latching on to her breast. Please identify 3 things the nurse will teach the mother about proper nursing technique. Identify 2 nursing non-pharmacologic interventions used in the 1st 24-hour period. Please identify 2 things the nurse may identify in the maternal-newborn bonding experience that reassure that bonding is going well between the mother and infant. Newborn: Please define the following terms:lanugo vernix caseosa rooting reflexacrocyanosis caput succedaneum Cephalhematoma. What is the acceptable range for the heart rate for an infant that is 12 hours old? What is the expected range of respirations for the newborn?  Please identify two ways in which we keep the newborn’s temperature stable during the postpartum stay in the hospital. Please Explain why vitamin k is given to a neonate. Please identify each of the five components of the Apgar score and how frequently it is done & by whom?Health Science Science Nursing NURSING MISC

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