CASE STUDY 7 A 76-year old woman has just been diagnosed wit

CASE STUDY 7 A 76-year old woman has just been diagnosed with… CASE STUDY 7 A 76-year old woman has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. She also has severe cardiovascular disease that limits her choices of treatment. Her oncologist has recommended a series of chemotherapy that her cardiologist believes would be fatal. Her family is urging her to do all what is recommended. The client, who is in good spirits despite her diagnosis, chooses palliative care.  GUIDE :Based on her developmental stage, how can you help the family adjust to her choice? RATIONALE:   CONCEPT: DEVELOPMENT THEORIESREFERENCES: Fundamentals of Nursing 6th Edition by Pottery-Perry pp.158 Copy right 2005 by Mosby, Inc. CASE STUDY 8 Mr. Vicar has been visiting the clinic for more than a month. He visits weekly for follow-up care for a chronic venous stasis ulcer of the left leg. The nurse’s notes at the time of his first visit contained the following information: “Ulcer with irregular margins, 4cm wide by 5cm long, approximately 0.5cm deep, draining foul smelling purulent yellowish drainage. Only subcutaneous tissue visible. Skin around ulcer, brownish rust in color. Zinc oxide and calamine gauze applied to ulcer; elastic wrap bandage applied to gauze. Client instructed to return in 1 week.” GUIDE S:As the nurse who is caring for the client on the follow-up visit, what expected outcomes would you anticipate for the goal of “Wound will demonstrate healing within 4 weeks”? What evaluative measures would you use to determine if the wound was healing?RATIONALE: Providing health care in a timely, competent, and cost effective manner is complex and lor of drainage from the ulcer. Documentation of evaluative findings allows all members of the health team to know whether a wound is healing or not. Then the result of evaluation, a client’s diagnosis, priorities and interventions may change. Through the continuous evaluation of care, nurse’s play a key role in the on-going improvement of client care. Health Science Science Nursing BSN 15

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