Case study: 61 y/o patient with admitting Dx. of renal calcu

Case study: 61 y/o patient with admitting Dx. of renal calculi,… Case study: 61 y/o patient with admitting Dx. of renal calculi, post cystoscopy withlithotripsy and stent placementCourse of EventsJR, a 61 year old white male was admitted to the hospital with a diagnosis of renalcalculi for same day surgery for cystoscopy, lithotripsy and stent placement. Following thedischarge from the PACU, JR arrived on the med/surg unit. The nursing admissionassessment revealed an engaging man, alert and oriented x3 with complaints of left flank pain7/10 and intravenous (IV) D51/5 NS infusing at 80 milliliters per hour (ml/hr) to the lefthand. Physical exam was unremarkable with the exception of left costrovetebral (CVA)tenderness and the use of oxygen (O2) 2 liters/minute (l/m) via nasal cannula. Significant pastmedical history included history of renal calculi one year ago, hypertension (HTN), and sleepapnea.When discussing his actual and anticipated needs the patient verbalized that he sleepswith a bipap machine for his sleep apnea and wished pain medication. When discussing hisacceptable pain threshold he stated “0”. JR stated that the doctors had never obtained asample of his “stone” and he doesn’t know what type they are. He states that he is satisfiedwith his home life and that he and his wife have a very good relationship. JR is a retiredThis study source was downloaded by 100000800085391 from on 02-24-2022 22:11:38 GMT -06:00 cutter and he is very proud of the level of professionalism he incorporated into hiswork and he expects the same level of professionalism from the health care providers.JR has no known allergies. Medications taken at home are Inderal 10 milligrams (mg)twice per day.Vital Signs: 132/88, 86, 20, 98.0po, 94% on room air.: Use critical thinking processes and your knowledge of QSEN nursingcompetencies to analyze the case study and: 1)Identify 2 priority patient problems or nursingdiagnoses including likely etiologies and signs and symptoms (defining characteristics) and2) Identify any Risks to Patient Safety for each patient problem.For etiology, please only include what is evident in the case study. If you are not confident inthe etiology (as discussed in our DB posts) please put unknown but in parenthesis ( ) placewhat you think the likely etiologies are.Health Science Science Nursing NUR 406

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