Case Studies-Values, Ethics, and Advocacy 1. Your patient, a

Case Studies-Values, Ethics, and Advocacy 1. Your patient, an… Case Studies-Values, Ethics, and Advocacy1. Your patient, an elderly woman who rarely has visitors, has put on her call lightso that she might introduce you to her daughter. After introductions, the patientindicates that her daughter visits whenever possible, as she is frequentlytraveling. Out of the patient’s hearing, the daughter indicates that she intendson meeting with your director of nursing to discuss her mother’s care. Duringthe meeting, she indicates that her mother is the most important thing in herlife, and then begins to describe her extensive recreational travel and multipleprofitable real estate holdings. She is quite critical of her mother’s care andoutlines a long list of nursing care that she expects to be performed by yourstaff, frequently emphasizing that she expects all expenses to be covered by hermother’s Medicare insurance. At the end of the meeting, she leaves herhousekeeper’s phone number for staff to contact if there are s regardingher mother’s care.a. What pertinent data can you gather based on your patient’s information?b. In applying the valuing process to this scenario, what does the patient’sdaughter value?C. As the elderly woman’s nurse, what ethical issues should be addressed inthis situation and how should they be addressed?d. How would you advocate on behalf of your patient in this situation?2. You are a nurse caring for a patient who has an extensive history of peripheralvascular disease, resulting in frequent surgeries for the purpose ofrevascularizing her lower extremities with the intent of avoiding amputations, ifpossible. This is your patient’s third surgery this year; she has been brought toyour step-down unit for postoperative recovery. While implementing thesurgeon’s orders, you note several conditions that require the surgeon’simmediate attention. Upon calling the surgeon, he indicates that he will addressthese issues tomorrow.a. Apply the nursing process to make ethical decisions in this situation.b. Indicate ethically relevant considerations contained within the case study.c. Outline the ethical problems within the case study.d. As a nurse advocate, how would you represent your patient?Health Science Science Nursing NUR 301

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