Case scenario Nick, a 34 year old man was admitted to the Ac

Case scenario Nick, a 34 year old man was admitted to the Accident… Case scenarioNick, a 34 year old man was admitted to the Accident and Emergency (A & E) after he was found unconscious by his wife in their home.Subjective data about the patient provided by his wife on admission to A & ENick was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes mellitus 12 months ago. He was prescribed insulin for management of his condition.Nick has history of gastroenteritis for 1 week with vomiting and anorexia. He stopped taking insulin 2 days ago when he was unable to eat.Objective data collected on admission in A & EPhysical examination on admission · Breathing is deep and rapid · Fruity acetone smell on breath · Skin flushed and dryDiagnostic studies · Blood Glucose level 40.5 mmol/L · Blood pH 7.261. Briefly describe the pathophysiology of Type 1 diabetes mellitus. 2. What are the initial clinical manifestations associated with type 1 diabetes mellitus? Case study 1: Case scenario [continued]Nick was taking 50 Units/day of insulin: 5 Units of lispro insulin with breakfast, 5 Units with lunch and 10 Units with dinner, plus 30 Units of glargine insulin at bedtime.3.  What type of insulins is Nick prescribed and what is the onset of its action?4.  What is the goal of the prescribed insulin regime for Nick?Case study 1: Case scenario [continued]5. Nick is admitted to hospital and treated for diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA).6. Briefly explain diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA)7. Explain the pathophysiology of the development of DKA for Nick.8. What typical clinical manifestations of DKA does Nick exhibit?9. What factors precipitated Nick’s DKA?10. Explain the significance of Nick’s diagnostic results to DKA.11. Describe the priority treatment and management of this complication 12. What is the nursing management for the person in terms of monitoring and assessment in this case?13. What priority health teaching should be provided for Nick and his family?14. What role should Nick’s wife have in the management of his diabetes?15. Nick’s wife asks you if she should have given her husband insulin when he got sick. How should you respond? explain in detail plsHealth Science Science Nursing NURSING 001

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