Case Scenario: Marta is night shift nurse in the ER departme

Case Scenario: Marta is night shift nurse in the ER department. She… Case Scenario: Marta is night shift nurse in the ER department. She has advanced certification and twenty-five years of experience. Marta works well with the other members of the emergency room staff, and is comfortable and efficient in situation of extreme urgency. The ER department is usually staffed by board-certified emergency physicians. Because one of the regular physicians recently moved to another hospital, there has been a series of physicians with various degrees of preparation and ability moonlighting in the department, particularly in night shift. During an unusually busy shift, an ambulance arrives with middle-aged man having severe chest pain and dyspnea. His condition quickly deteriorates, and after a few minutes he experience cardiac and respiratory arrest. The physician on duty, Dr. Andrews, is a family practice physician moonlighting after his regular shift at a local community health center. Marta perceives Dr. Andrews as nervous and hesitant. During the first phase of the ”code” Dr. Andrews seems uncertain of every detail. As the nurse incharge, Marta begins instituting a seldom-used protocol that was developed for use in the event that the nurses are faced with a cardiac arrest when no physician is present. All the nurses are trained in intubation techniques, but hospital policy prohibits them from performing that particular procedure. Marta suggests to Dr. Andrews that he intubate the patient. After several clumsy attempts, Dr.Andrews angrily orders Marta to call an anesthesiologist at home to come and intubate the patient. Marta realizes that the patient’s chances of survival are best if he is intubated quickly. She asks the unit clerk to cal the anesthesiologist. Over his angry objections, Marta removes the laryngoscope and endotracheal tube from Dr. Andwes’s trembling hands and proceeds to intubate the patient quickly and successfully. The patient responds to resuscitation attempts and is discharged five days later.     s:What is your immediate response to the situation in which Marta finds herself?Where would you place this situation on the ” spectrum of urgency”?What are the arguments in favor of Marta’s action?What are the arguments in favor of Marta’s following Dr. Andrews’s order?Do you consider Marta’s actions to be based upon ethical principle?Did Marta place herself at risk of reprisal or legal action?What would you have done?Health Science Science Nursing SHARJAH LSH 2223

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