Case Scenario #3 Craft an initial post that addresses: What

Case Scenario #3 Craft an initial post that addresses: What ethical… Case Scenario #3Craft an initial post that addresses: What ethical dilemma does the nurse face and what interventions should the nurse take to address the issue(s)?The UAP in this situation voiced their opinion when they should have not. The UAP could easily argue that they were advocating for, and protecting the rights, health and safety of the patient (Gaines, 2021). However, instead of giving facts about vaccinations they spoke their personal view which leads to the ethical dilemma- they advocated but did not advocate with proper research, they gave their own personal opinion which can be seen as not advocating for, and protecting the rights, health and safety of the patient.2. Provide a detailed education plan for the rationale for vaccinations and the management of influenza.Education would begin documentation and pamphlets to hand out to the parents on why to vaccinate and the rationales. Surprisingly, false information about vaccinations is spread by healthcare professionals, a main goal in the education plan would be to correct the false information the UAP provided to the family. One of the most common concerns by anti-vaccine proponents is that vaccines cause autism, yet a large study found that children who did not receive any vaccines were more likely to be diagnosed with autism than children who received recommended vaccinations (Reuters, 2019).A nurse’s best stance is to provide sound information, explaining the source of misinformation, and creating a dialogue that considers the importance of both individual autonomy and the health of the community.Management of influenza:Best treatment options for influenza can be purchased over the counter with the exception of prescription antiviral medications. Since the son is being admitted to the PICU all medications will be taken care of there, however, if any one else in the family starts to develop signs or symptoms some medications to start with are available over the counter. (Cannon, E, 2018).Best way to stop the spread is to constantly be washing hands thoroughly, sanitizing areas that the infected person has touched or been around. Cover your sneeze/cough with your shoulder/ upper arm not hands, if any liquid from nose or mouth contacts your hands be sure to wash them before touching objects. As stated proper hand washing should take at least 15-20 seconds including warm water and soap, hand sanitizers if a sink is unavailable. Avoid contact with the sick person (CDC, 2018State if you disagree or agree with their discussion points with rationale supported by current evidence. Make sure to include a meaningful open-endedthat facilitates further discussion.Health Science Science Nursing NURSING RN NUR213

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