Cardiovascular Defects in Children NORMAL CARDIAC BLOOD FLOW

Cardiovascular Defects in Children NORMAL CARDIAC BLOOD FLOW: Blood… Cardiovascular Defects in Children NORMAL CARDIAC BLOOD FLOW:Blood flows from ______________ to heart via the Superior and Inferior _________________Deoxygenated blood is pumped into the _____________. Oxygenated blood is pumped out.In a normal heart, the LEFT side of the heart has ________________ pressure than the right.Increased blood in the ____________ side of the heart causes ____________________________ because the blood backs up into the _____________________.Increased blood in the RIGHT side of the heart backs up to the _____________________ or Systemic Circulation and causes DISTENDED _____________ veins, ______________ BP, and Hypoxiadue to _____________________ blood ejected into thelungs.FETAL HEART STRUCTURE:The fetus receives blood from the mother via the ___________________________. The blood is shunted to the liver and the Inferior Vena Cava via the _________________ Venosus. The _________________ Ovale is the opening between the Right and Left _________________, which allows the LA to send more oxygenated blood to the ______________ via the aorta.The Fetal LUNGS are small and non-functioning so the Patent Ductus _______________________  Allows oxygenated blood in the _______________________ to be shunted directly to the AORTA.After birth, ________________________ changes close the Foramen Ovale and PDA.SUMMARY OF CONGENITAL DEFECTS:Left to Right Shunts (___________________):If the SYSTEMIC _____________________ (SVR) is greater than the _________________Vascular resistance (PVR) then the blood is FORCED back into the _____________. There is __________________ pulmonary blood flow which leads to ______________________   Defects include:1. Atrial and Ventricular __________________ Defects2. Patent _______________________________ (PDA) _____________________________ Canal Defect (AVCD)______________ to Left Shunts (CYANOTIC):(ASD, VSD) If the ________________________ Vascular Resistance (PVR) is greater than the SYSTEMIC Vascular resistance (SVR) then the blood is _______________ from the right to the left heart. There is DECREASED _______________________________ which leads to CYANOSIS. Defects include:1. Tricuspid_____________________2. _____________________ of Fallot (TOF) Ventral Septal DefectPulmonary StenosisOverriding AortaRight Ventricular Hypertrophy OBSTRUCTION OF BLOOD FLOW:Blood is obstructed from flowing OUT of the heart, causing back flow of blood into_______________________ and causing _________________ Heart Failure. Defects include:1. Coarctation of the __________________ (COA)2. Aortic _____________________ (AS)Pulmonary Stenosis is an OBSTRUCTION of blood flow but it does not cause Heart FailureBecause the blood is backing up into the ________________________.MIXED BLOOD FLOW (CYANOTIC) :There is a MIXING of _______________________ and deoxygenated blood resulting in DESATURATED blood being circulated to the body. This causes Pulmonary ________________ and DECREASED Cardiac Output.Defects Include:1. Transposition of the _______________ Vessels (TGA).2. Total __________________ pulmonary venous connection (TAPVC)3.  _____________________ arteriosus (TA)4.  _________________________ Left Heart (HLH)Health Science Science Nursing NURSING 341

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