Can you respond to this ? Mental health is concerned about o

Can you respond to this ? Mental health is concerned about our…     Can you respond to this ?      Mental health is concerned about our psychological, social, and emotional well-being. It impacts how we act, think, and feel (Greenberg,2020). It also influences how we cope with stress, makes decisions, and interact with others. Mental health is vital at all stages of life, such as adolescence, childhood, and maturity.On the other hand, mental illnesses are health disorders that cause changes in our thoughts, emotions, or behavior (Greenberg,2020). Common symptoms of mental illness include distress to do with functioning in job, social, or family events.Q 2.I was not aware that every year, one out of every six young people in the United States between the age bracket of 6 to 17 suffer from a mental health problem.Q 3.Therapeutic communication refers to a face-to-face encounter with patients and aims at improving their emotional and physical well-being (Donovan et al., 2019). Nurses employ therapeutic communication approaches to provide assistance and advice to patients while adhering to professional distance and objectivity.Some of the techniques implemented during therapeutic communication include;1. Active ListeningIt entails being aware of the patient’s verbal and nonverbal means of communication. While implementing this technique, in most cases, nurses maintain eye contact, face the patients, lean in close, and relax (Donovan et al., 2019). In addition, they make observations by remarking on how the other patients sound, look or act.2. Giving RecognitionThis technique is meant to identify and promote a patient’s actions without providing an observable compliment (Donovan et al., 2019). For instance, a nurse may use words such as “I have noticed that you took all of your prescriptions.”Q 4.The goals of therapeutic communication are aimed at improving the emotional and physical well-being of a patient. It has three main objectives: gathering information to diagnose sickness, offering health education, and evaluating changes in behavior (Donovan et al., 2019). The working stage of the nurse-patient therapy relationship’s purpose is to help the clients overcome difficulties by encouraging them to modify their behavior.Q 5.Transference is a patient’s emotions toward the therapist (Grinberg,2018). On the other hand, countertransference refers to the therapist’s feelings that are directed onto the patient.Q 6.  I think daily hassles might be just as harmful to our health as major life events. According to research, daily hassles have a long-term impact on our health and emotions (Greenberg,2020). For instance, when one has not had enough sleep, they can feel stressed in their body. Q 7. Coping mechanisms are conscious or unconscious adaptations that reduce stress and tension during a stressful encounter (Ajnah et al., 2021). Psychological therapies often focus on changing maladaptive coping strategies.Constructive coping mechanisms are an instrumental technique that stresses on management that is usually viewed as helpful (Ajnah et al., 2021). These mechanisms include planning and strategizing, reframing an issue, and meditating.A destructive coping mechanism is one in which the activity fails to fix the problem in the long run and may even worsen tHealth Science Science Nursing NURSING 350

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