Broad Topic: Caring for persons with late-stage Alzheimer’s

Broad Topic: Caring for persons with late-stage Alzheimer’s disease… Broad Topic: Caring for persons with late-stage Alzheimer’s diseaseScenario: You are a group of nurses who work with individuals with Alzheimer’s and other types of memory loss in a memory care unit. In the past quarter, the patients’ fall rate is above the National Database of Nursing Quality Indicators (NDNQI) benchmark. The nursing director is very concerned and asks you to form an EBP team to investigate strategies to implement to reduce the fall rate.   Citation Population Intervention ComparisonOutcome TimeLOE                                     Summary of Evidence Table Assignment Criteria (3 points) 1.Identify (5) appropriate journal articles/studies. 2.Completes all appropriate items on the Summary of Evidence Table. If an item does not apply to your study. The student will use N/A 3.Use current and relevant literature. The Publication must be within 5-7 years old. 4.At least one of the authors must be a Registered Nurse. 5.Utilize a peer-reviewed nursing journal. 6.A copy of the full article is required (for each article), and 5 articles are required.   Examples of the answer required. Citation (APA)PopulationInterventionComparisonOutcomeTime LOEKarakaya, A., & Gözen, D. (2016). The effect of distraction on pain level felt by school-age children during venipuncture procedure: Randomized controlled trial. Pain Management Nursing, 17(1), 47-53. population of the study consisted of children who were brought to the child’s blood collection room for venipuncture procedures  The sample consisted of 144 out of the 218 children aged 7-12 yearsIn the experimental group, mothers stayed in the blood collection room; however, they did not hold their children’s hands The children were given a kaleidoscope to look through during the procedure. The researcher asked children to tell what they saw in the glass (shapes, colors) during the procedure; this helped to keep the children focused more on the shapes and colors in the glass rather than pain stimulationParents of children in the control group were asked to hold their children’s hands to show their support but no kaleidoscope was givenWhen pain levels of children participating in the study were compared according to age and gender, no statistically significant correlation between them was determinedData for the study were collected in the child’s blood collection between February 2012 and May 2012Experimental study, Level IV  Health Science Science Nursing BIO 155

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