Braden Scale ONLINE CALCULATOR Use the Braden Scale ONLINE..

Braden Scale ONLINE CALCULATOR Use the Braden Scale ONLINE… Braden Scale ONLINE CALCULATORUse the Braden Scale ONLINE CALCULATOR (MDApp, 2020) to calculate a Braden Score for the scenario. only Braden’s definitions when calculating the score. If between 2 scores, assign lower (worse) score.Include sub-scores and total score on the table below.Highlight the level of risk for each patient.Alternates if the above online calculator does not work: Braden Score ONLINE CALCULATOR  (MDCALC, n.d.) OR 5 Predicting Pressure Injury Risk: Braden Scale (Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing, New York University, Rory Meyers College of Nursing, 2017) Click on Blue Download button. PATIENT 3CategoryScorePatient CharacteristicsSensory Perception Is paralyzed and is NOT able to feel anything from the neck down.Moisture Has an infection and has been constantly diaphoretic (sweating) for the past 24 hours.Activity Is lifted to a chair with a ceiling lift. He sits in the chair 2 times daily for 2 hours each time. Mobility Can NOT shift his weight while in bed or in the chair. Nutrition Receives tube feedings but has a low serum albumin level of 2.8 (normal range =3.5-5) indicating protein malnutrition.Friction & Shear The head of the bed is continuously elevated 30 degrees due to tube feedings. When up in the chair, he needs to be scooted up frequently because he slides down.Total  Level of RiskHighlight the correct level of risk.= 19 Not at Risk, 15-18 At Risk, 13-14 Moderate Risk, 10-12 High Risk, OR  £ 9 Very High Risk   PATIENT #4CategoryScorePatient CharacteristicsSensory Perception Has diabetes and can NOT feel sensation in his left foot.Moisture Is incontinent of urine ONLY one time daily at night.Activity Walks to the bathroom with assistance during the day shift. This is the only walking that he does.Mobility Regularly turns himself in bed without reminders or assistance.Nutrition Eats 50% of the food on his meal trays but most of what he eats are carbohydrates (bread, pasta, desserts). He eats chicken and eggs ONCE daily but hates other meats, dairy products and ALL vegetables.Friction & Shear Transfers to the chair easily without assistance and walks frequently without assistance.Total  Level of RiskHighlight the correct level of risk.= 19 Not at Risk, 15-18 At Risk, 13-14 Moderate Risk, 10-12 High Risk, OR  £ 9 Very High Risk Nursing DiagnosisUse your Nursing Diagnosis book to complete the nursing diagnosis below in PES format specific to one of the above individuals. Remember that risk for diagnoses do NOT include as evidenced by. Incorporate risk factors specific to the scenario in the r/t portion of the nursing diagnosis.Patient #Nursing DiagnosisPatient #    *Risk for pressure injury r/t                 Health Science Science Nursing NRS 520

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