Below are code of ethics for the Nurse and ethical principle

Below are code of ethics for the Nurse and ethical principles You… Below are code of ethics for the Nurse and ethical principles  You may choOse from one of the ethical senarios below ANA Code of Ethics ICN Code of Ethics: les/inline-files/2012_ICN_Codeofethicsfor nurses_%20eng.pdf  Choose ONE of the clinical ethical dilemmas below and answer the discussion s. State what you believe the main ethical dilemma is.Propose a new health policy or change in health policy law that you believe would allow you as an advanced practice nurse to definitively deal with it.Defend your proposed health policy / health policy law change. LIST OF ETHICAL DILEMMAS TO CHOOSE FROM COVID 19 pandemic  vaccine is available and you are working in a nursing home.  The Nurse is sent to deal with the situation but some family members are refusing  to have their loved one vaccinated.A nurse diagnose a male patient of yours with multiple STI’s and he tells them not to tell his wife who is also a patient in your practice. He also tells the nurse that he has had several recent visits to male and female sex workers. The nurse offers him a HIV test and he declines to take it.A 55-year old patient who is a truck driver comes into the office for a work related physical that she needs to renew her CDL driver’s license. She admits to having a few recent headaches and to fainting. A physical and find that her neural exam is abnormal. She pleads with the nurse to clear her so she can continue to work driving trucks cross country.An adolescent male patient who tells you that he knows that she is transgender and recently started taking hormones to transition to female that she buys from a friend at school. Her parents do not know about the hormones which she now wants the nurse to prescribe for her.A patient needs in patient residential mental health care but the insurance company has denied the claim. The patient has attempted suicide in the past and the nurse is concerned that they will attempt suicide again if they do not receive intensive residential care. The insurance company states that the nurse must stipulate that they have failed outpatient treatment and that their current psych medications are not working in order for them to reconsider.Health Science Science Nursing NUR 670

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