Before Conception Lexi Cowslip is 37 years old and would lik

Before Conception Lexi Cowslip is 37 years old and would like just…   Before ConceptionLexi Cowslip is 37 years old and would like just one more baby. She and her husband Joe have two boys, aged 9 and 3 years old. She has a copper intrauterine device (IUD; see The Pharmacy 1.1), which was placed immediately after the birth of her second son. Overall, the method has worked for her, but her periods are generally heavy and crampy and last for over a week. Joe has been talking about getting a vasectomy, a surgical procedure for male sterilization (Fig. 10.1), but Lexi is hesitant to agree.  “I’m willing to do it,” says Joe. “Then you could have the IUD taken out and we wouldn’t have to worry about another pregnancy.”  “Well, technically,” says Lexi, who likes to methodically research all of her options before making a decision, “after you have the procedure you are still considered fertile until a semen analysis is done three months later to confirm you’ve used up all the sperm in the tubes.” “Okay, fine. I have the vasectomy, I get my sperm analyzed, and then you get the IUD out and we don’t need to worry about pregnancy. 1.What is the difference between a screening and a diagnostic test?2.You are caring for a woman who has been diagnosed with HELLP syndrome. You take her BP and note petechiae where the cuff was. What could cause this? What would be your concern? What might you do next?3.Why was Reggie Hampton unwilling to do an epidural for Lexi? What in particular made him cautious and why?4.You are caring for an infant with irregular respirations. What signs should you look for that would indicate that the baby is exhibiting apnea? If these signs were present, what would you do next?5.You are caring for an infant born at 29 weeks of gestation. What would make you suspicious that the infant had developed necrotizing enterocolitis?6.What are some complications that are more common in pregnancies of women who are of advanced maternal age?7.You are caring for an infant who is 10 weeks premature. Her mother has refused to hold her. How would you discuss skin-to-skin care with her? Health Science Science Nursing NURSING NURS3339

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