Basic Concepts Name:____________________________ Respiratory

Basic Concepts Name:____________________________ Respiratory… Basic ConceptsName:____________________________Respiratory Worksheet,      /10 pointsSelect the best answerWhen a client returns from surgery which sign is an early indication that the client’s oxygenation status is compromised? 1/2 pt. The client’s dressing is bloodyThe client becomes restlessThe clients heart rate is irregularThe client indicates he is thirsty Which of the following flow rates is most appropriate for a client with emphysema, a chronic lung disease.  1/2 pt.2L/min5L/min8L/min10L/min Which of the following statements best describes hypoxia 1/2 pt.High Oxygen LevelsInadequate oxygen levelsHigh carbon dioxide levelsLow carbon dioxide levels A 73 year old women has chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). She is having difficulty breathing at night. Which position would assist her breathing?  1/2 ptSupineProneFowlersTrendelenberg   Which of the following assessments would a nurse use to determine oxygenation? 1/2 ptColor of lips and nailbedsSkin turgorPupil responseMobility Which of the following signs and symptoms might indicate oxygen toxicity? 1/2 ptConfusionProductive coughAnxietySubsternal chest pain The patient with chronic lung disease such as COPD their stimulus to breathe is: 1/2 ptLow oxygen in the bloodHigh oxygen in the bloodLow carbon dioxide in the bloodHigh carbon dioxide in the blood Incentive spirometry is used to: 1/2 ptDeliver moisture and medication deep into the lungsHelp prevent pneumonia and atelectasisMeasure the rate and amount of air in a forceful exhalationHelp the patient conserve energy when performing ADL’s During _____________________________, the dome shaped diaphragm contracts and moves downward into the thorax. 1/2 pt A(n) ______________mask mixes precise amount of oxygen and atmospheric (room) air. 1/2 ptAccording the article on respiratory failure what are three ways malnutrition can further affect respiratory failure? (1 point) Pulse oximetry is a tool that measures the percentage of saturated hemoglobin in the blood (hgb carries O2) however it does not tell us how adequately oxygen is being delivered to the tissues or the patient’s ability to exchange CO2 and O2. According to the article on respiratory failure describe thoroughly two additional assessments that can be done to aid in getting a better clinical picture of what might be happening with your patient. (2 point). According to the article The Case for Capnography in Patients Receiving Opioids list three high risk patients/populations that should use capnography and when capnography is used early identification of respiratory depression occurs making it easier to implement nonpharmocological measures. What are some of those nonpharmocological measures? (2 point)Health Science Science Nursing

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