Based on the following scenario, formulate at least 4 differ

Based on the following scenario, formulate at least 4 differential… Based on the following scenario, formulate at least 4 differential diagnoses and select one as the most appropriate diagnoses for the patient and explain one. Additionally, explain why the other diagnosis were not considered as the primary diagnosis.   Mr. Jefferson is a 67-year-old African American male who is brought to your clinic by his son with concerns of “forgetfulness.” He has lived with his son and daughter in law for 3 years now, and his son is noticing Mr. Jefferson continues to ask same s even after they have been answered. He even reports Ms. Jefferson got lost at the store recently. Mr. Jefferson has lived with his son since losing his wife of 55 years, about 3 years ago. His son states that Mr. Jefferson is a retired engineer and usually very astute but notices more forgetfulness. Mr. Jefferson’ d has been demonstrating increased forgetfulness of more recent things but can easily recall historical moments and events. It is also challenging for him to “find the right words” in a conversation, and he easily shifts to an entirely different conversation topic.  Whenever Mr. Jefferson forgets an important appointment “just laughs” or he becomes upset whenever others try to make a point.   Mr. Jefferson is alert, cooperative with today’s clinical interview. His eye contact is fair. Speech is clear and coherent but tangential at times. He makes no unusual motor movements and demonstrates no tics. He denies any visual or auditory hallucinations. He denies any suicidal thoughts or ideations. He is alert and oriented to person, partially oriented to place but is disoriented to time and place. (he reported that he thought was headed to work but “wound up here,” referring to the clinic at which point he begins to laugh it off.) he denies any falls or pain. Diagnostics/Assessments show:CT head—diffuse Cerebral Atrophy. MMSE— Mr. Jefferson scores 18 out of 30 with primary deficits in orientation, registration, attention and calculation, and recall. The score suggests moderate dementia.  Health Science Science Nursing NURSING 108

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