Assignment Outline and Marking Criteria 1. Introduction a…

Assignment Outline and Marking Criteria 1. Introduction a…. Assignment Outline and Marking Criteria 1. Introduction a. Introduce the purpose of your paper b. Describe the BCCNM. c. What is the role of the BCCNM? d. What is the purpose of the Professional Standards for LPNs? e. What is the purpose of the Practice Standards for LPNS? 2. Body a. Professional Standards i. For each of the following Professional Standards, provide 3 examples of how each Standard is either met or not met in the scenario. Be sure to cite the specific Professional Standard for each example. 1. Responsibility and Accountability 2. Competency-Based Practice 3. Client-Centered Provision of Service 4. Ethical Practice b. Practice Standards i. For each of the following Practice Standards, provide 1 example of how each standard is either met or not met in the scenario. Be sure to cite the specific Practice Standard for each example. 1. Boundaries in the Nurse-Client Relationship 2. Communicable Diseases: Preventing Nurse-to-Client Transmission 3. Conflict of Interest 4. Consent 5. Documentation 6. Duty to Provide Care 7. Duty to Report 8. Medication 9. Privacy and Confidentiality 10. Regulatory Supervision of Students 11. Use of Title 12. Working with Health Care Assistants 3. Conclusion a. Summarize your paper b. What is the role of the BCCNM in directing the professional practice of a licensed practical nurse? c. Why should an LPN review these documents regularly?       Professional Practice I Assignment 1 Scenario 6:45 a.m. Jill checks the assignment board as she arrives for her shift at the Green Tree Unit at Glendale Residential Care Facility. Jill takes notes, as she wants to know how many residents she will be in contact with throughout the day. 7:00 a.m. Jill heads to the nursing office for the morning report for all the nurses who she will be working with today. Jill notes that she will need to confirm a doctor’s order for one of her residents who requires antibiotics for treatment of pneumonia. The night nurse’s handwritten telephone order is quite messy and this will be confusing for others, as it is for Jill. Jill makes notes for herself on her assignment sheet as she will need to get her day organized. She needs to coordinate times as she has two residents who require fasting blood work. Jill must ensure these residents don’t eat breakfast before the lab tech arrives. Jill also has two residents who require baths today. The unit is short-staff today so there is no casual, float health care assistant to assist Jill with the baths today. 7:45 a.m. Jill calls Dr. Kim and clarifies the antibiotic order from last night. Jill sets up all of the equipment she will need to provide morning care for her residents. Jill notes on the bowel record that Mr. Jackson has not had bowel movement in 3 days. Jill is aware that the bowel protocol states she must administer an enema today, as the previous two days or receiving oral medications have had no effect. The lab tech as collected all samples that were ordered, except one. The lab tech and Jill discuss concerns about Mrs. Tsang, one of Jill’s residents. 8:15 a.m. Jill washes her hands and enters her residents’ room. Jill greets her residents with a jovial, “Good Morning”, and asks them how they are doing. After Jill provides care, she helps the health care assistants (HCAs) get the residents up and ready for transport to the dining room. Jill helps the dietary staff deliver the breakfast trays to her residents, as Jill wants to ensure her diabetic residents are not given sugar for their tea and coffee. Jill helps set up all her residents with their breakfast trays and the HCAs come to help feed the residents that need assistance. One of Jill’s residents, Mrs. Tsang, speaks only Mandarin. The lab tech tells Jill that Mrs. Tsang refused to allow her to collect blood, and even slapped the lab tech’s arm. Jill is concerned as the blood work was important t collect, as it would dictate the amount of warfarin (a medication) she would receive in the afternoon. Jill is unsure of how she will be able to her this resident today, since there is a language barrier. This worries Jill as she will have a difficult time organizing this resident’s care if she cannot provide safe care or provide direction to this resident. Mrs. Tsang is eating well. 8:45 a.m. Jill looks through Mrs. Tsang’s chart to whether there is anything in the notes that might indicate a few words the client might understand. There are no notes in the chart that indicate anything about a language barrier. Jill asks the other nurses if any of them speak Mandarin, and none of them do. Jill asks the unit clerk to page for resident services to provide a translator if possible. As Jill prepares the remainder of the morning Professional Practice I Assignment 2 – Scenario 2 medications for her residents, she hears the overhead facility pager requesting for a Mandarin translator for the Green Tree unit. Jill feels relieved that someone will be able to her with her resident. Jill waits for assistance, but continues the care of her other residents. 9:00 a.m. A translator arrives on the unit and helps Jill explain the process of taking a blood sample from Mrs. Tsang. Mrs. Tsang verbalizes her understanding to the translator. Jill is relieved that Mrs. Tsang will have her blood work completed. The lab tech is called to come and collect the blood culture while the translator is still available. The blood is collected and Jill documents this in Mrs. Tsang’s chart. Mrs. Tsang’s daughter arrives soon after and tells Jill that she is very kind and she is happy that she will be taking care of her mother. She also asks her if she does personal home care, and if she would be able to care for her father who lives at home with her. It would only be twice a week as his regular caregiver will be on holidays next month and she does not trust the substitute staff at the agency. Mrs. Tsang’s daughter is willing to pay double as it has been difficult to find reliable help lately. Jill kindly declines the opportunity. 9:15 a.m. Mr. Jackson’s enema was effective and Jill cleans him up and provides him with morning care. Jill dresses him and helps him transfer to his wheelchair with the use of a transfer belt. Jill notes that Mr. Jackson is much stronger than last week since starting work with the physiotherapist. The dietary department arrives to collect all the breakfast trays, but before they leave, Jill makes note of how much each of her residents ate and drank. All of Jill’s residents have been washed, dressed, and have had their breakfast. Jill has time to organize the bath of one her residents, Mrs. Summer. Mrs. Summer is a 2-person assist with transfers and care. Jill asks Nurse Brenda to help her with Mrs. Summer, since there are no extra JCAs available to assist with baths this morning. Nurse Brenda obliges and helps Jill organize for Mrs. Summer’s bath. 9:45 a.m. Nurse Brenda and Nurse Jill are busy giving Mrs. Summer a bath and the HCA, Joan, arrives to let Jill know that Mrs. Tsang’s daughter would like to speak with her. Jill asks Brenda to continue with the bath, and asks Joan whether she can help Brenda, as Mrs. Summer is a 2-person assist with baths and transfers. Joan agrees to stay and help Nurse Brenda. Jill arrives to find Mrs. Tsang’s daughter speaking to Mrs. Tsang in a comforting way. Mrs. Tsang appears content. Jill introduces herself as the LPN and explains that she will take care of Mrs. Tsang for the day. Jill also explains that Mrs. Tsang slapped the lab tech on the arm, likely due to a language barrier, and that with the help of a translator, everything worked out well and the lab tech was able to collect the blood sample. Mrs. Tsang’s daughter pulls out a white note pad and offers a few key words for Jill to use with her mother so that Mrs. Tsang can understand and cooperate with care. Jill states, “pain, washroom, hungry, thirsty, please take your medication, and it is time for a bath”. Mrs. Tsang’s daughter asks Jill to call her anytime she has problems communicating with Mrs. Tsang. Jill thanks her. The keywords are written in English with Mandarin pronunciation. Jill practices them out loud with Mrs. Tsang’s daughter to ensure that she is saying the words correctlHealth Science Science Nursing NURSING 345678

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