Assignment 2: Practicum Experience Plan (PEP) For this Assig

Assignment 2: Practicum Experience Plan (PEP) For this Assignment,… Assignment 2: Practicum Experience Plan (PEP)For this Assignment, you will consider the areas you aim to focus on to gain practical experience as an advanced practice nurse. Then, you will develop a Practicum Experience Plan (PEP) containing the objectives you will fulfill to achieve your aims. In this practicum experience, when setting your goals and objectives, be sure to keep PMHNP clinical skills in mind. Review your Clinical Skills Self-Assessment Form you submitted last week. Think about areas for which you would like to gain application-level experience and continued growth as an advanced practice nurse. How can your experiences in the practicum help you achieve these aims? There may be an overlap between your skills goals and your PEP goals.Review the information related to developing objectives provided in this week’s Learning Resources. Your practicum learning objectives that you want to achieve during your practicum experience must be:SpecificMeasurableAttainableResults-focusedTime-boundReflective of the higher-order domains of Bloom’s taxonomy (i.e., application level and above)Discuss your professional aims and your proposed practicum objectives with your Preceptor to ascertain if the necessary resources are available at your practicum site.Select one nursing theory and one counseling theory to best guide your clinical practice. Explain why you selected these theories. Support your approach with evidence-based literature.timeline of practicum activities that demonstrates how you plan to meet these goals and objectives based on your practicum requirements.The AssignmentRecord the required information in each area of the Practicum Experience Plan template, including three to four (3-4) measurable practicum Learning Objectives you will use to facilitate your learning during the practicum experience. ===============================================================================================Practicum Experience Plan   Overview:  While part of the practicum experience, it is assisted to work in a clinical setting to gain the knowledge and skills required as an advanced practice nurse. Advanced practice nurses must comprehend that the relationship between the provider and patient is unique. A practicum plan that outlines the goals to guide you during training must be created during the practicum. The plan must include strategies on how your practicum experience will help you grow independently and reach your goals as an advanced nurse practitioner. Complete each section below.  My goals and objectivesIn my practicum rotation, my dedication is to develop my purpose and strengthen my skills as a psychiatric nurse practitioner. As a further advanced mental health nurse practitioner, it is natural for me to connect the provider and the patient. The task of the nurse practitioner is to ensure that every patient is appropriately treated. Poghosyan & Bernhardt (2018) reported that interactions are positively present, and personal progress is positive. If struggle arises from the patient, it leads to stressful situations that can delay recovery on the part of the patient and result in exhaustion. An advanced practice nurse is accountable for screening, diagnosing, and prescribing the most cost-effective treatment for the patient (Kelling 2015). My object is to strengthen my knowledge and skills as a psychiatric nurse practitioner. Furthermore, among the patients and providers’ guide to personal and professional growth, the conflict between patients and nurse practitioners leads to a high-stress environment, leading to ineffective treatment (Poghosyan & Bernhardt, 2018). Through the clinical rotation, I expect to be more independent and confident in discussing the disease process and the treatment management plan with minimal supervision or assistance from my clinical instructor. Furthermore, I will be more confident to move to the next level and practicum rotations. It is highly recommended to focus on specific topics when studying and spend an excellent productive amount of time in a practicum to meet the learning objectives. Also, beginning learning objectives with your preceptor ensures productivity during the practicum and that all parties involved know what you aim to learn.  Part 2: Individualized Practicum Learning Objectives Objective 1: By the end of this practicum experience, I will apply effective communication skills that will facility interdisciplinary collaboration and team among the healthcare providers. So that can lead improved on their management and coordination of overall care. I will also apply more research findings when interacting with the patients and use the most current information when providing and prescribing treatments; the goals should guide self-assessment of the clinical skills. SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Results-focused, Time-focused) self-assessments essential(Walden University Academic Skills Center, 2017). Research or Evidence-based nursing practice is critical to provide the highest quality and most cost-efficient patient care possible.  Planned Activities: Advanced nurse practicum students will interview and manage eighty clients as part of the scheduled activities. The practicum students will gain knowledge of various diagnoses throughout the training period, which will then be used for effective advanced nursing care.  Mode of Assessment: Confirmation will be noted in Mediatek Practicum Outcomes: By the end of the practicum period, practicum students should establish differential treatment and therapy for mentally ill or mentally challenged patients. Their skills and knowledge are strengthened through patient interactions and constant research.  Objective 2: Though-out the end of the practicum experience, I will have gained confidence and will be able to utilize the technology system within my facility when providing client care.  Planned Activities: I will pursue a task as an advanced practice nurse. I will collaborate with my preceptor to produce the best treatment plan for the patient. I shall be confident in treating the patient. Client assessments should be the interview and help establish an appropriate treatment plan.  Mode of Assessment: Confirmation will be noted in Mediatek  PRAC Course (S) Outcomes (s) Addressed: Prepare a treatment or nursing care plan that includes advanced directive planning. I hope to help the patient who does not have this in place during my rotation. Evidence-based nursing practice must always be executed when making decisions about patient care. I must acquire the necessary skills and expertise to accomplish every given task. I require assistance; I will plan to communicate with my preceptor.  Objective 3: I hope to advance my medical knowledge related to disease processed, treatment, diagnosing, and in turn. I will have gained confidence that will benefit my clients and my future advanced mental health practice career.  Planned Activities: Professional competency, interpersonal relations, teaching procedures, personal qualities, and evaluation practices are all factors to consider. Mode of Assessment: Verification will be documented in Mediatek PRAC Course Outcomes(s) Addressed: The final skill I want to achieve is the Laboratory Test order and interpretation skill. I hope to perform assessment and plan treatment for clients and, in doing to obtain the knowledge and skillset to complete the task. I turn to my preceptor if I need assistance when reaching this goal and completing this skill. Part 3: Projected Timeline/Schedule I make sure that I obtain the required hours and patients to achieve the clinical requirements necessary for the course. If needed, I will also use weeks 9 and 10 to make up any missed hours throughout the term.   Number of Clinical Hours Projected for WeekNumber of Weekly Hours for Professional Development  Number of Weekly Hours for Practicum CourseworkWeek 1163-55-8Week 2163-55-8Week 3163-55-8Week 4163-55-8Week 5163-55-8Week 6163-55-8Week 7163-55-8Week 8163-55-8Week 916-24 Make up3-55-8Week 1016-24 Make up3-55-8Week 1103-55-8Total Hours (must meet the following requirements)160 Hours   Conclusion I know that completing the practicum experience will come with challenges, and the clinical or practicum element of nursing education is considered a vital part of professional training experience (Heidari & Norouzadeh, 2015). Over the devoted professional development and project activities for this practicum, I will gain valued skills, knowledge, and competencies required to meet the desired goals and objectives. I am prepared to face and intend to be done nurse practitioner journey successfully.References Heidari, M. R., & Norouzadeh, R. (2015). Nursing students’ perspectives on clinical education. Journal of advances in medical education & professionalism, 3(1), 39-43.Kelling A.W. (2015). History perspectives on an Expanded Role for Nursing. Online Journal of Issues in Nursing, 20(2), 2.Poghosyan, L. & Bernhardt, J. (2018). Transformational leadership to promote nurse practitioners practice in primary care: Journal of nursing management, 26(8), 1066-1073. 12636 Walden University Academic Skills Center. (2017). Developing SMART goals.  Please revise underlined section and proofread for me. Thank you. Health Science Science Nursing PRAC 6665

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