Assessment 2 – Group Work – 30% This assessment item is desi

Assessment 2 – Group Work – 30% This assessment item is designed to… Assessment 2 – Group Work – 30%This assessment item is designed to critically examine the adverse health outcomesthat are impacting on the health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Theonline group discussion posts will allow students to comment on the learnt coursematerials and interact, support and gain knowledge from their peers throughevidence-based practice.Weighting: 30% of total mark (Part A: 10% Part B: 20%)Length:Part A: No word limitPart B: Presentation 10min (+/-10%)Due Date:Part A: You can start your brainstorming on the discussion boards from Week 4. Youare required to post one thread and respond to four peers by Week 6 Friday 1stApril 2022 by 11.59pm.Part B: Recorded In-Service presentation on chosen topic will be due online by Friday29th April 2022 by 11.59pm. Part A;Step 1: Students are required to pick a health concern (disease), that is a currentburden of health that is experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoplefrom the list below. This disease needs to be something students would like toresearch and a topic that students will like to broaden their knowledge for the benefitof their clinical environment and for the health of Aboriginal people.• Ear Health (Otitis Media)• Infant Mortality• Type II Diabetes• Cardiovascular Disease• Cancer (be specific e.g. Lung Cancer)• Respiratory Disease (Be specific e.g. COPD)• Alcoholism and Substance Abuse• Mental Health• Chronic Kidney Disease(If you would like to research a different health concern that is not listed youmust email your allocated tutor for approval and to be eligible to continue withPart A and Part B of the assessment task). Once you have chosen your topic, each student is to start a thread (post) about theirchosen topic in their allocated Assessment discussion group on Canvas (this can befound in the ‘Assignments’ tab under ‘Assessment 2′.In your thread/post you are to begin brainstorming your chosen burden of healthtopic and answer the following s:- The chosen disease (burden of health) that is experienced by Aboriginalpeople and what impact it has on their health?- What does this disease mean in terms of quality of life for Aboriginal andTorres Strait Islander people?- What impact will this disease have on your culturally appropriate nursingcare?- Why you are interested in this topic?This section is informal, there is no allocated word count or referencingrequired.Step 2: Once you have posted your thread/post, you are to continue brainstorming(by adding posts to your thread) extra information needed to answer Part B. Thiscan be simply uploading journal articles or resources to support your research andlearning with a short outline of what the resource is, and how its relevant to yourresearch.Students are required to add an additional 3 posts/resources to their thread toreceive full marks in this section.Step 3: Students are to collaborate with their peers within their allocated tutorialgroup. This will demonstrate interprofessional relationships by sharing resources andknowledge to benefit Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients.Students are to respond to 4 peer’s threads/posts. This can consist of sharing ajournal article/ resource and/or providing a critically commentary on literature abouttheir chosen topic. This brainstorming must be relevant and useful to meet therequirement for full marks. (Simple comments such as “Good topic choice” or”Thankyou for sharing” do not count as responses. Please refer to the rubric).Each online tutorial group is allocated an online academic tutor for the semester whowill monitor the online discussion posts, they will be able to comment on your post, toprovide support and will observe if students are being active in the discussions.To attain full mark in this component students are required to;1. Complete their initial post/thread answering all FOUR s2. Add an additional THREE resources and/or articles to their own thread3. Respond to FOUR other students’ threads with useful resources andfeedback.This section will be marked on the discussion board and will NOT need to beformally submitted. Part A must be completed by Friday, 1st April 2022 by11.59pm. (due to the requirements of this section it is strongly advised tobegin working on this 1-2 weeks prior to allow time for students to contributeand respond to threads). Health Science Science Nursing NURSING INDH2000

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