As someone who actually enjoys being a follower or part of a

As someone who actually enjoys being a follower or part of a team… As someone who actually enjoys being a follower or part of a team rather than a leader, I feel that I have already had a subconscious idea of the traits I believe make a great leader. “In general, leadership is defined as the art of influencing others to achieve their maximum potential to accomplish any task, objective, or project”(Specchia et al., 2021). After reviewing the handout, I do see some of the traits I desire in a leader are what were listed as the top 10 traits of a leader. However some of the traits I felt were very important weren’t listed such as: supportive, understanding, and fairness. From the traits I chose from each topic compared to the top 10 traits from the worksheet, six of the traits I chose were on the list. I feel that a leader could improve on these skills by listening to their team and finding out what they need them to be. A team is only as good as their leader and as a leader you have to be what your team needs you to be. I believe attitudes could be changed in some cases.            In regards to honesty in a leader this was one of my top traits I chose for a leader. Its so important for a leader to be honest because it helps build trust with the team. Honesty is so important and if a leader is not honest how can the team trust them to lead them in the right direction and look out for their best interest? If I had to deal with a dishonest leader I would handle it differently based on the situation. For example, I know people in my life who are perpetual liars and I remind myself not to believe everything they say and to ignore it. However, if my leader were to be dishonest and it affected me, my coworkers, my patients, or my work environment, I would speak with them directly and if that didn’t work I would go above them and speak with their boss to handle the situation. As much as I would like national and global leaders to be honest I know that is probably not true.            Traits I would like to exemplify as a leader include: Supportive, fair, hard work ethic, honest, understanding, team player, good communicator, and receptive to people and ideas. I would support my team always, I would be fair in the decisions I make not favoriting anyone over another, I would have a hard work ethic/team player and pitch in to the work my team does, I would be upfront and honest with my team, I would be understanding when my team has something come up, I would keep communication with my team open and informative, and I would take my team’s ideas and try to implement them and encourage the team to participate in trying to make the work environment a better place. People will be more effective leaders when their behaviors indicate that they are one of us, because they share our values, concerns and experiences, and are doing it for us, by looking to advance the interests of the group rather than own personal interests”(Peters, Haslam, 2018).    ; Analyze the post and post your reflection. What do you think ??Health Science Science Nursing NSG 321

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