Answered step-by-stepLeadership : 1 A nurse is caring for a

Answered step-by-stepLeadership : 1 A nurse is caring for a client who requests…Leadership ??: 1A nurse is caring for a client who requests information about the prevalence of Tay-Sachs disease. Which of the following resources should the nurse use to obtain this information?A.   A collaborative user edited websiteB.   The client’s health care providerC.   An evidence-based nursing JournalD.   The facility’s case manager : 2A nurse is caring for a client who has cancer. The client’s adult child asks the nurse for information about the client’s treatment plan. Which of the following responses should the nurse make?A.   “I will ask your mother’s primary care provider to speak with you.”B.   “What would you like to know about your mother’s treatment?”C.   “You will have to speak directly to your mother about her treatment.”D.   “I cannot provide this information to you without your mother’s consent.” : 3A nurse in the emergency department is preparing to care for a client who arrived via ambulance. The client is disoriented and has a cardiac arrhythmia. Which of the following actions should the nurse take?A.   Contact the client ‘s next of kin to obtain consent for treatmentB.   Proceed with treatment without obtaining written consent.C.   Notify risk management before initiating treatmentD.   Have the client sign a consent for treatment : 4A nurse is preparing discharge planning for a client who has a newly placed tracheostomy tube. The nurse should assess the client’s need for which of the following supplies to manage the tracheostomy at home? (Select all that apply.)A.   Petroleum jellyB.   Cotton ballsC.   Pipe CleanersD.   ObturatorE.    Oxygen tank  : 5A nurse is evaluating care for a group of clients. The nurse should consult the provider for which of the following clients?A.   A client who has atrial fibrillation and a rapid ventricular rate of 10min and is receiving diltiazem IV and weight-based heparinB.   A client who is ready for discharge after coronary artery stent placement and has a prescription for clopidogrelC.   A client who requires an IV intermittent bolus dose of vancomycin and has a creatinine level of 1.5 mg/dLD.   A client who has a pacemaker and whose cardiac monitor shows sinus rhythm with intermittent periods of a wide RS complex after each pacer spike : 6A nurse in a clinic is reviewing laboratory reports for a group of clients. Which of the following diseases should the nurse report to the state health department?A.   Respiratory syncytial virusB.   RotavirusC.   PertussisD.   Group B streptococcal disease : 7A home health nurse finds piles of newspapers in the hallway of a client’s home. The nurse explains the need to discard the newspapers for safety reasons. The client agrees to move the newspapers into the living room. Which of the following conflict resolution strategies has the nurse used?A.   CompromisingB.   SmoothingC.   CollaboratingD.   Accommodating : 8A nurse in the cafeteria line overhears an assistive personnel (AP) discussing a client’s lack of hygiene upon admission. Which of the following actions should the nurse take?A.   Remind the AP that not all clients have access to running waterB.   Inform the client of the conversation and apologize on behalf of the AP.C.   Stop the conversation at once and inform the AP that this is slander,D.   Tell the AP to have this conversation upon returning to the unit : 9A nurse is performing triage at the site of a mass casualty. For which of the following clients should the nurse assign a yellow tag?A.   The client who has a deep laceration to the lesB.   The client who has a large bruise to the shoulderC.   The client who is unable to breathe without manual ventilationD.   The client who is experiencing chest pain with radiation to the arm : 10A nurse is caring for a client who wanders through the halls yelling obscenities at staff, other clients, and visitors. Which of the following actions should the nurse take?A.   Keep the client in her room with the door closed.B.   Contact a family member to come and it with the clientC.   Place the client in a wheelchair with a lap trayD.   Administer a sedative to the client. : 11A nurse has just completed assessment charting on the electronic record for an assigned client. An assistive personnel (AP) who just measured the client’s vital signs asks to chart them while the nurse is still logged into the record. Which of the following actions should the nurse take?A.   Log out so the AP can log in to document the vital signs.B.   Allow the AP to document the vital signs prior to logging outC.   Recommend the AP come back later when the record is availableD.   Offer to chart the vital signs for the AP. : 12A nurse working in the emergency department is assessing several clients. Which of the following clients is the highest priority?A.   A client who has active bleeding from a puncture wound of the left groin areaB.   A client who reports shortness of breath and left neck and shoulder painC.   A client who has a raised red skin rash on his arms, neck and faceD.   A client who reports right-sided flank pain and is diaphoretic : 13A nurse is discussing advance directives with a client. Which of the following statements by the client indicates an understanding of advance directives?A.   “I trust my doctor, so I’m going to leave it to him to do what’s best for me.”B.   “I know I need a lawyer to change them later, so I want to get them right.”C.   “I know I have the right to determine if remain on a breathing machine”D.   “By naming a health care proxy, I give up the right to make my own medical decisions” : 14A nurse in a long-term care facility is caring for a client who reports the assistive personnel repositioned him in bed using excessive force. Which of the following actions should the nurse take?A.   Reassure the client that the staff is well trainedB.   Contact the nurse managerC.   Document in the client’s chart that an incident report has been filedD.   Call risk management to interview the cent. : 15A nurse manager is teaching an in-service about methods to implement advocacy in the client care setting. Which of the following statements should the nurse manager includeA.   “Staff nurses should resolve ethical situations involving clients without seeking external help.”B.   “Charge nurses should report concerns about working conditions to the nursing supervisor”C.   “Use the same communication techniques with clients regardless of cultural differences”D.   “It is acceptable to give personal advice when clients can’t make a decision about treatment” : 16A newly licensed nurse is floating to an unfamiliar unit and determines that he does not have sufficient experience to safely care for his assigned clients. Which of the following actions should the nurse take?A.   Notify the risk managerB.   Accept the assignment with help from assistive personnel on the unitC.   Request that the charge nurse modify the assignmentD.   Document the concern in the nurse’s notes : 17A nurse who is caring for a group of client’s delegates collection of vital signs to an assistive personnel (AP). Which of the following actions should the nurse take to evaluate the delegated task?A.   Ask the AP to write summary of the delegated tasks during the shiftB.   Recheck vital signs that are outside the expected reference rangeC.   Compare the vital signs the AP obtained with those taken by another AP on a previous shiftD.   Review vital sign trends at the end of the shift. : 18A charge nurse witnesses an assistive personnel (AP) giving an oral medication to a client who has dysphagia. Upon ing the AP states that a nurse poured the medication into a cup and asked the AP ta give it to the client. Which of the following actions should the charge nurse take first?A.   Complete the appropriate documentation of the incidentB.   Reinforce facility policy regarding medication administration with the APC.   Auscultate the client’s breath soundsD.   Discuss the situation with the nurse who poured the medication. : 19 A nurse assumes the leading role on the hazardous materials team immediately following a chemical mass casualty incident in the community. As clients arrive at the designated triage area outside the hospital, which of the following actions should the nurse take?A.   Scrub the clients’ skin with betadine solutionB.   Place shower caps over the client’s hair.C.   Remove contaminated clothing.D.   Admit the injured clients to positive pressure rooms : 20A nurse is evaluating the informed consent for a client who is scheduled for a major surgery. The client states. “I’m glad I can go home right after the surgery.” Which of the following actions should the nurse take?A.   Inform the client of the risks involved in the procedureB.   Read the consent form to the client and obtain a signatureC.   Request the surgeon discuss the procedure with the clientD.   Explain the surgical procedure to the client. : 21A charge nurse is reviewing information about HIPAA with a group of staff nurses. Which of the following statements by a staff nurse indicates understanding?A.   HIPAA prohibits the uploading of photographs of client’s providers to social media sitesB.   Clients who participate in research studies forfeit their HIPAA right to privacyC.   HIPAA allows clients to request a review of their own medical records.D.   HIPAA allows facility-specific coding of client health care information to ensure privacy : 22A nurse is caring for a client who isrefusing to take a medication. Which of the following responses should thenurse make?A.    “I will contact your provider todiscuss your medication”B.    “You will feel better after you takeyour medication.”C.   “This medication is effective for most clients.”D.   “You should take this medication because your provider has prescribed it for you.” : 24A nurse is a part of a team developing a quality improvement plan to address the increased incidence of central line-related bloodstream infections. Which of the following strategies should the nurse include in the plan?A.   Use resources that identity benchmark of best practicesB.   Report the incidence of infection to the health departmentC.   Change the facility’s vendor for central line productsD.   Identify the staff caring for clients who acquire an infection : 25While auditing the medical records of clients currently on an oncology unit, the nurse manager finds that regarding advance directives. Which of the following is the priority action for the nurse to take?A.   Ask nurses who are caring for clients without this information in the medical record to obtain itB.   Reinforce the potential consequences of not having this information on record to the nursing staffC.   Meer with nursing staff to review the policy regarding advance directivesD.   Remind nurses to obtain this information during the admission process. : 26A nurse is documenting and completing an incident report after a client falls out of bed. Which of the following actions should the nurse take when completing the documentation?A.   Document in nurse’s notes. Incident report completed and fled”.B.   Document in incident report. “Client found lying on the floor after falling out of bed”.C.   Document in nurse’s notes. “Photocopy of incident report sent to risk management”D.   Document in incident report. “Entered room and discovered client lying prone on the floor” : 27A nurse manager is preparing an in-service for unit staff about protective environment precautions. Which of the following should the nurse manager include in the teaching?A.   Provide visitors with N95 respirator masksB.   Place clients in a positive pressure airflow room.C.   Permit children over 5 years of age to visitD.   Maintain surgical asepsis when providing care. : 28A nurse is delegating oral care for a client who is unconscious to an assistive personnel (AP). The AP tells the nurse that APs are not allowed to perform the delegated task. Which of the following actions should the nurse take?A.   Ask the nurse manager who should perform the task.B.   Ask a licensed practical nurse to perform the taskC.   Perform the oral careD.   Check the AP job description : 29A nurse is providing teaching to an assistive personnel about the application of wrist restraints to a client. Which of the following instructions should the nurse include in the teaching?A.   Allow 1 fingerbreadth between the restraint and the client’s wrist.B.   Remove the client’s restraints every 2 hr.C.   Attach the restraints to the feed portion of the frame of the client’s bed.D.   Secure the client’s restraints with a square not : 30A nurse manager is reviewing isolation guidelines with a newly licensed nurse. Which of the following statements by the newly licensed nurse indicates understanding of isolation guidelines?A.   I will wear an I95 respirator mask when caring for a client who is on droplet precautions.”B.   I will instruct visitors to wear a mask when visiting a client who is on contact precautions.”C.   I will have a client who is on airborne precautions wear a mask when out of her room.”D.   I will place a client who has compromised immunity in a negative pressure airflow room : 31A charge nurse is reviewing the plan of care with a newly licensed nurse for a child who is experiencing sickle cell crisis. The charge nurse should Intervene for which of the following actions planned by the newly licensed nurse?A.   Position cold compresses on the child’s extremities.B.   Elevate the head of the child’s bed to 30%C.   Gently palate the client’s abdomen.D.   Reinforce teaching with the parents about signs of dehydration : 32A client who is febrile is admitted tothe hospital for treatment of pneumonia. In accordance with the care pathway,antibiotic therapy is prescribed. Which of the following situations requiresthe nurse to complete variance report with regard to the care pathway?A.    Antibiotic therapy was initiated 2 hrafter implementation of the care pathwayB.   The route of antibiotic therapy on the care pathway was changed from IV to PO.C.   An allergy to penicillin required an alternative antibiotic to be prescribedD.   A blood culture was obtained after antibiotic therapy had been initiated. : 33A charge nurse discovers that a staff nurse on the unit has made repeated medication errors. Which of the following actions should the charge nurse take first?A.   Ask the nurse to describe her medication administration procedureB.   Notify the risk management department of the situationC.   Identify education opportunities for the nurse regarding safe medication administrationD.   Review with the nurse the principles of medication administration : 34A nurse is assessing a client who had a recent strake. Which of the following findings should indicate to the nurse the need for referral to an occupational therapist?A.   Memory lossB.   Unilateral neglectC.   Receptive aphasiaD.   Facial drooping : 35A nurse is teaching a newly licensed nurse about the purpose of interdisciplinary conferences. The nurse should identify that which of the following client’s needs an interdisciplinary conference?A.   A client who had a recent stroke andB.   showing manifestations of depressionC.   A client whose provider is unhappy with the nursing careD.   A client whose partner requests that the client be moved to a private roomE.    A client whose MRI results have not been made available after 2 daysHealth ScienceScienceNursingATI PROCTOREDShare

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