Answered step-by-stepGive 2 examples of how you would functi

Answered step-by-stepGive 2 examples of how you would function competently within the…Give 2 examples of how you would function competently within the scope of practice as a member of the health care team. 2. Read the Nursing Scope and Standards of Practice document.  How would you evaluate your own performance based on the standards of care.Nursing Standard of Care Evaluation of your performance1 Assessment  2 Diagnosis  3 Outcomes Identification  4 Planning  5 Implementation  6 Evaluation   7 Ethics  8 Education  9 Evidence-Based Practice and Research  10 Quality of Practice  11 Communication  12 Leadership  13 Collaboration  14 Professional Practice Evaluation  15 Resource Utilization  16 Environmental Health   Read the MN Nurse Practice Act.  Give 2 examples of how you adhered to the Nurse Practice Act within the student nurse role. 2. Identify what procedures an individual nurse would perform that were consistent with your current level of knowledge and skill.  Identify the scope of practice and roles of health care team members.  Scope of Practice (actions and procedures that the practitioner are permitted to perform) Role (behaviors, rights, and obligations)Physician     Registered Nurse    Licensed Practical Nurse    Certified Nursing Assistant    Physical Therapist    Occupational Therapist    Respiratory Therapist    Speech Therapist    Pharmacist    Dietician    Paramedic    Radiology Technician    Lab Technician    Surgeon    Anesthetist     Design a concept map using patient specific data. This concept map will be computer generated.  You can use a concept map template or create your own.The client’s medical information (medical diagnoses/history) will be in the center of the map.From the center, branch out to three areas that contain your assessment data that will reflect the 3 problem areas for this client.For each of the 3 sets of assessment data, formulate a nursing diagnosis and goal.Use approved NANDA diagnoses.One of the three diagnoses should be based on a psychosocial problem instead of a physical problem.Only one of these diagnoses should be “at risk for” diagnoses.Next, list 5 nursing interventions for each diagnosis.Use approved NANDA interventions and then individualize them according to the timing of care, client’s needs, and so.Include at least one nursing intervention that is related to client education.Include at least two nursing interventions that involve collaboration with other members of the health care teamThen write an evaluation statement for each diagnosis.Include a references page.Draw arrows between topics to show interrelated concepts. Include Bibliography    Health ScienceScienceNursingNURS 2437Share

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