Answered step-by-stepCould you please help me understand the

Answered step-by-stepCould you please help me understand the following case study, there…Could you please help me understand the following case study, there are 6 s related to it. Thank you very much!!! CASE 1: Marilyn Finch   HPI: Marilyn Fitch is a 78-year-old Caucasian brought in by her daughter after Marilyn complained of feeling dizzy several times this morning and then almost passed out at home. Marilyn has a six-month history of paroxysmal atrial fibrillation. Her heart rate has been regular and she has had no episodic dizziness since she had a synchronized cardioversion one week prior to this visit. Her initial VS in triage were: T: 98.9F/37.2 C (oral) BP 94/52, P 52, R 16, SaO2 97% room air.PMH: hypercholesteremia, hypertension, atrial fibrillation, and heart failure.  NKDAPersonal/Social History: Marilyn is a widow and lives alone in her own home. She denies smoking and admits to drinking one glass of wine with her dinner.   What data from the histories are RELEVANT and must be NOTICED as clinically significant by the nurse?RELEVANT Data Clinical Significance:                         As the nurse responsible for this patient, you promptly review the medical history and current home medications in the medical record:PMH: Hypercholesteremia, HTN, HF, atrial fibrillationHome Medications: Apixaban 2.5 mg, Captopril 100 mg, Amiodarone 100 mg, HCTZ 50 mg, Atorvastatin 10 mg, Carvedilol 6.25 mg For each List each home medication from the scenario and answer the following please keep it concise and simple. Thank you very much! MED CLASS INDICATION MECHANISM OF ACTION  Body SystemImpacted CommonSide Effects: (1-3) Nursing Assessments:Apixaban               Captopril               Amiodarone               HCTZ               Atorvastatin               Carvedilol                Based on this patient’s home medication list, does the nurse need to address the clinical concern of polypharmacy with the primary care provider? Which if any, of the medications contribute to the client’s current health issue?       Present Problem: Recognizing a potential problem, you place Marilyn on a cardiac monitor, collect a full set of vital signs and find a nursing assessment:  6 second strip in lead II 4. Interpret the rhythm strip and the clinical significance. Regular; Y/N: ___ Rate _______P wave present? Y/N ____PR interval:_____QRS: ________ Interpretation: __________________________ 5. What VS and assessment data are RELEVANT and must be interpreted as clinically significant by the nurse?  DATA Clinical SignificanceT: 98.8 POBP: 94/58P: 54 (reg)R: 14 (reg)SpO2: 94%  GENERAL SURVEY: Pleasant, well-nourished older adult in no apparent distress. In semi-Fowler’s position on gurney, quietly talking with daughter.  CARDIAC: Slow regular rate, S1, S2 and S3. Skin pink, warm & dry, with 1+ ankle edema bilaterally. No JVD noted at 45 degrees.  RESPIRATORY:Fine bibasilar crackles posteriorly, otherwise clear with equal aeration throughout lung fields. Respiratory effort nonlabored.  Denies dyspnea.  ABDOMEN:Abdomen round, soft, and nontender.  BS active in all 4 quadrants  GU: Voiding without difficulty, urine clear amber. Genital exam deferred.  INTEGUMENTARY:Skin warm, dry, intact, normal color for ethnicity. Decreased skin turgor: recoil 2 secs.  No clubbing of nails. Hair soft, distribution normal for age and gender .          6. Interpreting relevant clinical data, identify potential problems. What additional data is needed to identify the priority problem and nursing priorities?  Likely Problems:  Additional Clinical Data Needed:                   Health ScienceScienceNursingNURSING 601Share

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