Answered step-by-stepAfter answering the checklist and summa

Answered step-by-stepAfter answering the checklist and summarizing your reflection….After answering the checklist and summarizing your reflection.critical reflections, summarized your conversation, determine what safety risks you assessed and your opinion of what the consultant felt about the risks you identified.  State whether you think that these risks will be mitigated based on your conversation with your Consultant                          Environmental Assessment Checklist-Gerontology  Nursing 2015Standard                                Yes               No             CommentSmoke detector Telephone Fire Extinguisher Vented heating system Minimal Clutter Functioning refrigerator Proper food storage Adequately lighted hallways and stairways Handrails on stairs(inside and outside) Floor surface even, easy to clean, no wax, free of loose scatter rugs or deep-pile carpet Doorways unobstructed, painted a contrasting color from wall Bathtub or shower with nonslip surface, safety rails, no electrical outlets nearby Hot water temperature less than 110 degrees Fahrenheit Windows screened, easy to reach and to open Ample number of safe electrical outlets probably 3 feet higher than floor for easy reach; not overloaded Safe stove with burner control on front Shelves within easy reach, sturdy Faucet handles easy to operate, clearly marked hot and cold Proper storage of medications, absence of outdated prescriptions For wheelchair use: *Doorways and hallways clear and wide enough for passage*Ramps or elevator*Bathroom layout allow maneuvering*Sinks, furniture low enough to reach What risks did you see in your home?Falls are the leading cause of death when it comes to home accidents. They make up a third of all fatalities. The elderly are most affected by this type of accident.Poisoning: the second leading cause of fatalities is poisoning which leads to 5,000 deaths a year in the U.SCarbon monoxide :  Carbon Monoxide is a silent killer. Unlike gas, it cannot be detected be smell.Fire hazard : With over 3,000 American lives claimed each year from fire hazards, this is the third biggest killer as far as home accidents are concerned.Drowning : Children aged from one to four years old are at serious risk of drowning.Choking : Choking is a hazard for small children who have a tendency to put small objects in their mouths!Stoves : Stoves present a significant danger for a variety of reasons. Keep safe by following these tips:Sharp objects : we all have plenty of sharp objects around the home that are necessary but in the hands of small children, they can be lethal.Suffocation : Toddlers and young children are at risk of suffocation in your home.2. What changes do you think can make your home a safer environment?Keep your stairs and walkways clutter-free to avoid tripping hazardsInstall non-slip mats and grab bars in showers and tubsMake sure stairs and banisters are in good repairUse safety gates for young children, especially at the top of stairsKeep an eye on vulnerable family members who may have trouble walking or seeingInstall bright lightingn easily accessible fire extinguisherAt least one working fire and smoke detectorA first-aid kitFlashlights with fresh batteriesInstall a radon detector.Check for moisture problems, and look into mould testing if necessary.If you have an older home, lead may be present in paint and pipes. Call your local public health department for information eliminating lead in your home.planting perennial groundcovers, native foliage, or other low-maintenance landscaping.Upstairsshould Install a smoke detector in the hallway outside of bedrooms. Check and change batteries regularly.Place a non-skid bath mat on the floor and a non-skid mat in the tub.Store all prescription and over-the-counter medicines in original containers and in a safe place.Use paper cups in the bathroom to prevent spreading germs.To prevent scalding, make sure the tap water temperature is set no higher than 120°F (48.8°C).Be sure anyone can move safely in the bathroom and in and out of the tub or shower.Mount grab bars at the toilet, bath, and shower on walls with secure reinforcements.Both sides of the steps should have handrails.Make sure the lighting in hallways and on stairs is adequate.Place a lamp and telephone near the bed.Remove or nail down rugs or carpeting to reduce the risk of falls.Downstairs__ Store all cleaning supplies in their original containers.__ Always turn pot handles inward when cooking on the stove. This can help prevent spills. Use back burners whenever possible.__ Keep a working fire extinguisher in the kitchen.__ Secure area rugs to prevent falls and slips.__ Make sure furniture is securely placed and in good repair.__ Install light switches at the top and bottom of the stairsOutdoorkeep stairs and walkways clear of snow, wet leaves, or other debris.Repair cracks or chips in cement sidewalks and stairs.Make certain railings, gates, and fences are secure and in good repair.Place barriers around a fireplace, wood burning stove, or other heat source. This can help prevent accidental burns.Have chimneys and stovepipes should inspected and cleaned regularly.Make sure that hazardous items are secured and in their original containers in the garage, utility room, or basement. This includes items such as bug sprays, cleaners, auto care products, and weed killers.Further precautionsEnter emergency numbers into your cell phone. Also write emergency numbers in large print and post them on the refrigerator and near the land line phone.Make sure that bathrooms and bedrooms can be unlocked from the outside.Keep matches and lighters out of reach. Make sure the home has at least 2 unblocked exits in case of fire or another emergency.Check all electrical cords to make sure they are not cracked or frayed.Make sure outlets or extension cords are not overloaded.Don’t use space heaters. If they are used, make sure they are in safe condition. Never plug them into an extension cord. Don’t place them near drapes or furnishings.Know where the gas, electricity, and water cut-off valves are located in the home in case of emergency.     Do you have anyone who can help you make these changes? If you are unable to make these changes, would you like me to help you find community resources that are available to assist you? These are the community resources which totally helps to make the home safer as well as hazard free Rochester’s Healthy HomeSouthwest Area Neighbourhood Association (SWAN),the Rochester Fatherhood Resource Initiative (RFRI),and the University of Rochester Environmental Health Sciences Centre’s Community Outreach and Education Core (UR).Healthy Home Advisory Council (HHAC), Hazards in the environment put some older people at risk for a fall and injury. Some older people carry a cell phone so in case they fall, they can call for help. Do you have a cell phone? If your consultant has a cell phone, ask them what apps they have and use. Ask your consultant if they have a computer or a tablet and what they use them for.Senior safety appMagnifying Glass + Light (free)find My iPhone (free)Lyft and Uber (free to download, but pay as you use)Life360PacerLivelyApp Name Developer Cost FunctionSocial Networking Apps       FaceTime Roberto Garcia, Apple Engineer Free app built into the  Apple products upon purchase May be used on any Apple products including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and MacBook; enables phone and video call communication, either one-on-one or in groups between Apple product users. Skype Skype Technologies Free to download the app and use features domestically. $2.99 monthly subscription for international use. May be used on mobile devices and computers; allows for communication between Skype users via one-on-one or group phone or video calls.Medical Apps: Telemedicine       Teladoc Teladoc Free to download app. Expenses depend on the user’s health insurance (accept Medicaid, Medicare, and some commercial insurance). Per the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) guidance, telehealth is covered at the same rate as in-person visits during the COVID-19 crisis. Connects patients to a board-certified doctor 24/7 through phone visits. If needed, a prescription can be sent to the patient’s pharmacy. K Health: Primary Care K Health Inc. Free to download app. Expenses depend on the user’s insurance. Per CMS guidance, telehealth is covered at the same rate as in-person visits during the COVID-19 crisis. Provides digital primary care for patients and free risk assessments for COVID-19. Doctor on Demand Phil McGraw, Jay McGraw, Adam Jackson Free to download app. App works with or without insurance and is available at reduced rates through many major health plans and large employers. The average cost of a video consultation copay with insurance is $24, and $99 flat rate fee without insurance. Per CMS guidance, telehealth is covered at the same rate as in-person visits during the COVID-19 crisis. Provides face-to-face digital connection with a doctor, psychiatrist or psychologist through video on people’s iPhone or iPad; provides urgent care, behavioral health, preventive health, and chronic care management; provides services in many languages when appointment is scheduled.Medical Apps: Prescription Management       GoodRx-Save on Prescriptions Trevor Bezdec Free to download, but individuals may opt to purchase GoodRx Gold membership for $5.99/month per individual (and $9.99/month for up to six family members, including pets) for greater discount on prescriptions An online app that finds prescription discounts and offers medication coupons. Medisafe Medication Management (Medisafe) Rotem Shor Medisafe is free, but Medisafe premium monthly subscription is $4.99/month, and premium yearly subscription is $39.99/year. Provides personalized medication reminders for each medication; provides vital drug interaction warnings; keeps users connected with caregivers through real-time missed medication alerts.Health & Fitness Apps       Calm Michael Acton Smith and Alex Tew Free to download and use limited version of app. Free 7-day trial of the premium version after which access costs $12.99/month, $59.99/year, and $299.99 for a lifetime subscription App for mindfulness and meditation to lower stress and improve sleep. Headspace: Meditation & Sleep Headspace Inc. Free to download, but costs $12.99 per month for access to the meditation sessions beyond the introductory ones. Alternatively, can cost $95 for an annual subscription. Relaxation app with guided meditation and mindfulness techniques to lower stress and improve sleep. Yoga: Down Dog Yogi Buddhi Co. Free to download app. Monthly subscription is $7.99/month, but until May 1st, users have access to all features due to COVID-19. Allows users to practice yoga in their homes with over 60,000 configurations to  a new workout daily. Includes beginner and tailored OA classes. MyFitnessPal Under Armour Inc. Free version available. Premium access costs $49.99 per year. Online calorie counter and diet plan. Users can log exercise and step count.Food & Drink Apps       DoorDash-Food Delivery DoorDash Inc. Free to download but delivery and platform service fee and fee for meal; subscription fee of $9.99 a month available to receive unlimited, no-fee deliveries on orders of $15 or more (but subscription is currently only available in some areas). Food delivery service. Allows users to order food from participating restaurants and cafes. Instacart Maplebear Inc. Free to download, but fee for delivery service (can be paid per delivery basis, but delivery is free with monthly membership of $9.99 or annual membership of $99 Same-day grocery delivery that allows users to request specific items from grocery stores.Apps for Visual & Hearing-Impairment       Be My Eyes-Helping the Blind Hans Jorgen None Connects blind and visually impaired people with sighted people who assist them with tasks. Glide – Live Video Messenger Glide Free to download, and free for the first 90 days. A 3-month subscription costs $1.99, and a 1-year subscription costs $6.99. Allows you to send “lightning-fast” video messages, enabling on-demand communication using sign language and visuals.Health ScienceScienceNursingNURS 4312Share

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