Answered step-by-step1. According to Erik Erikson, which of

Answered step-by-step1. According to Erik Erikson, which of the following stages would…1. According to Erik Erikson, which of the following stages would include children ages 12 to 18 years?A. Generativity vs. StagnationB. Initiative vs. Guilt (For Preschoolers 3-6 yrs old) – start including others to play with themC. Trust vs. Mistrust (For Infants)D. Identity vs. Role Confusion (13-18 yrs old) – forming their identity, color their hair blue/pink, they find their identity.  3. A nurse is preparing to administer an IM injection to a preschool-age child. Which of the following actions should the nurse take?A. Administer the medication in the child’s roomB. Allow the child to choose the site for the injectionC. Ask the parents to hold the childD. Tell the child the medicine will make him feel better 4. Vomiting and diarrhea are common childhood illnesses. Dehydration can occur if vomiting and diarrhea are severe of persistent. Other than dehydration, what are other risks of persistent vomiting? (Select all that apply).A. Electrolyte imbalanceB. AspirationC. Weight lossD. Tooth decayE. Urinary Tract Infection 5. A 7 yr old male presents to the pediatric clinic with a reported history of low-grade fever followed by the development of a rash. On assessment, the nurse notes multiple red papules, vesicles, and crusted lesions scattered over the trunk, face, and extremities. The history and presentation are most consistent with:A. Rubella (German Measles)B. Atopic Dermatitis (eczema)C. Varicella (Chickenpox)D. Coxsackie virus (Hand foot and mouth) 6. A 3 yr old child is hospitalized for persistent vomiting. Initially, the provider writes orders for the child to be NPO. After the vomiting begins to subside, the provider begins to advance the child’s diet. The child does well with a clear liquid diet and is advanced to a full liquid diet. Which of the following items would be on a full liquid diet?A. MilkshakesB. ToastC. Mashed potatoesD. Scrambled eggs 7. A nurse is caring for a child who is experiencing an acute asthmas attack. Which of the following medications should the nurse administer first?A. MontelukastB. FluticasoneC. MethylprednisoloneD. Albuterol 8. A nurse at a pediatrician’s office is contracted by a parent whose child just ingested half a bottle of prenatal vitamins. What instruction should the nurse provide to the parent?A. Contact the poison control centerB. Have the child eat a high carbohydrate mealC. Give the child syrup of ipecacD. Do nothing, the vitamins are harmless 9. The preschool stage of development spans from the ages of 3 to 5 years. During this time, children are developing fine motor skills, they are learning more complex games, and they are magical thinkers. This means that preschoolers use fantasy or magical thinking to understand situations that are complex. Which of the following is an example of magical thinking?A. Putting a bandage on a stuffed animalB. Blaming an imaginary friend for breaking a toyC. Understanding object permanenceD. Naming a favorite doll 10. Newborns need support with thermoregulation as they adjust to life in their new environment. This means swaddling the baby in warm, dry blankets and keeping a soft hat on to cover their heads. The temperature of a newborn will be constantly monitored to make sure they are not too cold. Which of the following is a risk if the newborn becomes too cold?A. ShiveringB. HypoglycemiaD. Decreased muscle toneD. Tachycardia 11. According to Erik Erikson, school-aged children are in which psychosocial developmental stage?A. Industry vs. InferiorityB. Autonomy vs. ShameC. Initiative vs. GuiltD. Ego Integrity vs. Despair 12. Your client weighs 12 kg. The provider orders acetaminophen 10mg/kg every four hours as needed for fever. What dose will the client receive?A. 120 mgB. 1.2 mgC. 12 mgD. 0.8 mg 13. Infants are at risk for burns from several reasons. Which of the following statements would indicate that the caregivers of an infant need further teaching about the risk of burns?A. “I always check the bathwater so that the water is not too hot before bathing my baby.”B. “I never leave my baby alone during bath time.”C. “I microwave my baby’s bottles to warm them.”D. “I am careful that the baby does not have access to hot items on the stove.” 14. Medication dosage for younger children is typically based on weight. Which of the following is true about weight-based dosing?A. Dosage can be calculated on a weight obtained two months agoB. Dosage can be estimated based on age of the childC. Weight must be accurateD. Dosage calculation will use weight in kilogramsE. Toddlers do not require weight-based medication dosing 16. Adolescence is the developmental stage that includes which age group?A. 10-12 years B. 20 and olderC. 12-20 yearsD. 8-10 years 17. Prevention of medication errors is a priority concern for all nurses. There are a variety of safety measures that are prevention of medication errors. One of those safety measures relates to “high alert” medications which require check the dose prior to administration. Which of the following is considered a “high alert” medication?A. BenadrylB. InsulinC. AmoxicillinD. Tylenol 18. Health care providers recognize that each family member is affected in some way by a child’s illness. Family-centered care is a way to support not only the child but eaxhof the child’s family members. Which of the following are considered principles of family-centered care? (Select all that apply).A. Diversity of the family members is supportedB. Siblings are not considered in health care decisionsC. Family members are considered a constant in the child’s lifeD. The goals and activities of each family member also supportedE. Family members consist of biological parents only 19. As children age, there are many physiological changes that occur. These changes often mean taking a different approach with medication administration. One example of this includes administration of ear drops. There are two different techniques use to administer ear drops, and they are based on the age of the child. Which of the following technique is used for children under the age of three?A. Gently pull the pinna up and backB. Gently pull the pinna up and forwardC. Gently pull the pinna down and backD. Gently pull the pinna down and forward 20. The nurse in the pediatric clinic is providing teaching to the parents of a 5-day old infant regarding safety and infection control to parents who have concerns about a recent outbreak of pertussis in their 3 yr old child’s daycare and they want to know they protect their newborn. Which response from the nurse is the most accurate?A. “All household contacts should receive a pertussis vaccine or booster.”B. “Your baby will receive a TDaP at 2, 4, and 6 months of age.”C. “We will administer the first pertussis vaccine today and repeat it at 2 and 4 months.”D. “Your baby is not at risk for the infection because of immunity transferred during pregnancy.” 21. A nurse is caring for a 6-week-old infant admitted to the pediatric unit for evaluation of suspected pyloric stenosis. Which of the following findings should the nurse expect?A. Bulging fontanelleB. Projectile vomitingC. Distended abdomenD. Abnormal weight gain 22. The nurse is discussing safety with a group of mothers of two-year-old. What is an important teaching topic for this group?A. Apply safety locks on all cabinetsB. Always wear helmets when riding bicyclesC. Cover electrical outlets with capsD. Always supervise bath time 23. Cyberbullying can be a risk for adolescents. There have been cases where cyberbullying resulted in adolescent suicide. Health care workers can help bring awareness to cyberbullying by advising parents and teens of some of the methods by which cyberbullying occurs. Which of the following are examples of how cyberbullying can occur? (Select all that apply).A. Setting up a fictitious websiteB. Using email to torment someoneC. Nailing posters to a treeD. Posing as a child on social mediaE. Sending letters through the mail 25. Effective communication among health care team members is critical. One method to ensure we are communicating effectively is by use of SBAR. Which of the following information would be “background” information?A. Patient’s past medical historyB. Identification of yourselfC. A brief suggestion of the action neededD. Current level of pain 26. Breastfeeding is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics; however, not all moms choose to breastfeed. New moms should be given support regardless of the decision they make on how to feed their babies. When using formular exclusively, the recommendation is to use formula that include which of the following dietary supplements?A. Iron fortifiedB. Protein fortifiedC. Vitamin C fortifiedD. Vitamin D fortified 27. What is typically the cause of hypovolemic shock in children?A. Allergic reactionB. Cardiac abnormalitiesC. Severe dehydrationD. Infection 28. Medications are administered rectally if another route is not more appropriate. For example, a child who is vomiting and unable to hold down anything by mouth may have medications prescribed to be administered rectally. Which of the following would be a contraindication to administering medications rectally?A. The child is vomitingB. The child has a bleeding disorderC. The child has difficulty swallowingD. The child has a fever 29. A nurse is reinforcing teaching about car safety with the parents of an 18-month-old child who weighs 24 lbs. What describes the safest placement of the car seat?A. Forward facing in the back seat on the passenger sideB. Rear facing in the front passenger side with activated airbagC. Rear facing in the middle of the back seatD. Forward facing in the front passenger side with inactivated airbag 30. When children experience flare ups of their chronic conditions, hospitalization may be required. Play can be used to help children make sense of everything that is happening to them such as diagnostic procedures, medication, and other treatments, and even all the beeps and alarms in an intensive care unit. Which of the following are specialized members of the health care te4am whose job it is to help children through play?A. Play datesB. Child life specialistsC. Case managersD. Play therapists 31. Your child weighs 88 lbs. The provider orders ibuprofen 10 mg/kg every six hours as needed for pain. What dose will be administered?A. 880 mgB. 40 mgC. 400 mgD. 88 mg 32. A nurse is attending a seminar about the care of premature infants. The presenter asked the audience for ideas on how to sooth a fussy baby. Which of the following suggestions is the best option to soothe a premature baby?A. Keep the baby in a well-lit-roomB. Have the television on while feeding the babyC. Reposition the baby at frequent intervalsD. Swaddle the baby snugly when holding them 33. The provider orders 240 mg of acetaminophen PO every four hours as needed for fever. On hand you have acetaminophen 160 mg/5 mL. How much medication will be administered?A. 15B. 1.5C. 7.5D. 0.75 34. A student nurse wants to become familiar with the vaccination schedule. What is the best resource for the student nurse to find the most current vaccination schedule?A. The student should use a search engine on her computer for the informationB. The Pediatrician’s office will have the most up to date information postedC. The nursing textbook for the course which she is taking will have the best informationD. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website (CDC) 35. Oral medications come in the form of liquid or tablets. Liquid medications will require measurement to administer the most accurate dosage. Which of the following methods of measurement is most accurate for smaller doses of liquid medication?A. A measuring cupB. A tablespoonC. The cap from the medication bottleD. A syringe 36. A client weighs 33 lbs. The provider ordered amoxicillin 40 mg/kg/day divided into three doses. How much amoxicillin will be administered each dose?A. 1320 mgB. 600 mgC. 440 mgD. 200 mg 37. A two-month-old infant is admitted to the hospital. The nurse should perform which action to maintain the infant’s safety and to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome?A. Make sure that only plastic bottles and toys are usedB. Cover the crib with netting when the child is not being directly observedC. Place the infant in a supine position for sleepD. Take the pacifier out of the infant’s mouth before the infant falls asleep  38. The cranial bones of an infant are not fully closed at birth. This is to allow for the head to pass more easily through the birth canal. These spaces between the cranial bones are called fontanels and over time they will close. At what age would we expect the posterior fontanel to close?A. 9 to 12 monthsB. 2 to 3 monthsC. 3 to 6 monthsD. 6 to 9 months39. Which statement should help guide the student nurse in caring for a three-year-old child who experiences pain?A. The parent can accurately determine the child’s pain management needsB. Children are resilient, and therefore require less pain management than adultsC. Pain is assessed using an age-appropriate assessment toolD. The pediatric client is at a higher risk of addiction than the adult client 40. A child’s airway is anatomically different from an adult’s airway. This means that a respiratory illness that may have minor symptoms in an adult could easily result in respiratory distress in a young child. Which of the following is not a sign of respiratory distress in a child?A. Non-labored breathingB. CyanosisC. Nasal flaringD. Chest retractions Health ScienceScienceNursingNUR 3524Share

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