Answered step-by-step 33 Which of the following is NOT a com

Answered step-by-step 33 Which of the following is NOT a communication problem… 33Which of the following is NOT a communication problem associated with the elderly?   to.   impaired hearing   b.   Inability to understand new procedures   c.   Confusion   d.   Breathe upright   and.   Inability to move quickly.1.67 points 34   What is the first and most critical step in responding to an emergency in an outpatient emergency situation?   to.   Notify provider.   b.   Give first aid.   c.   Recognize when emergency measures must be taken.   d.   Evaluate the causes.1.67 points 35   Some of the common signs and symptoms of a snake bite include which of the following?   to.   thirst and diarrhea   b.   Thirst and dehydration   c.   Rapid pulse, nausea and vomiting   d.   Weak pulse, nausea and vomiting1.67 points 36   A patient stumbles through the door just as the office opens and the provider is not inside. He says that he experienced a strong blow to the stomach, holds his abdomen and then leans forward and falls to the floor in the waiting room. Approaching the patient, he will see that he is unresponsive, but has a rapid, weak pulse and shallow breathing. What’s the next thing you do?   to.   Call the provider on their cell phone.   b.   Do a quick exam to see if there are any injuries.   c.   Ask a staff member to call EMS.   d.   Take his vital signs.   and.   Try to revive it to see what happened.1.67 points 37   To ensure patient confidentiality and practice sensible risk management, never discuss a patient with which of the following?   to.   Credit bureau/collection agency   b.   The patient’s attorney, even if she has a signed release   c.   Office staff members when necessary for patient care   d.   The patient’s insurance company, even if they have a signed authorization1.67 points 38   If an adult has burns on the front of the torso and the front of the right arm, what percentage of the body surface area is affected?   to.   22.5%   b.   40.5%   c.   27%   d.   36%1.67 points 39   Which of the following is an example of the types of s to ask in an emergency?   to.   What happened? Who is the patient? Is the patient breathing or bleeding?   b.   What happened? Who is the patient? How long have you had these symptoms? Take medication?   c.   What happened? Who is the patient? Is this a new patient?   d.   How long have you had these symptoms? He has fever? Are you taking any medication?1.67 points 40   Which of the following phone calls should be forwarded to the provider?   to.   Billing s   b.   s about business hours   c.   Patients requesting to schedule an appointment   d.   Complaints about medical treatment or care1.67 points 41   The medical assistant should answer the phone at the end of which ring to create positive impression on the patient?   to.   Quarter   b.   Second   c.   Third   d.   First1.67 points 42   Which of the following has a profound effect on how you sound to the person on the other end of the line?   to.   Volume   b.   All of the above   c.   Enunciation   d.   Pronunciation1.67 points 43   Which of the following is most appropriate when dealing with poisoning?   to.   Ask if the patient is conscious.   b.   Tell the patient to take ipecac.   c.   Give them something to eat or drink.   d.   Identify the name and amount of poison ingested.1.67 points 44   When handling problem calls, which of the following is NOT an appropriate action for the medical assistant to use to help the caller calm down?   to.   Undo the situation.   b.   Hear what is bothering the caller.   c.   Tell them right away how you can help them.   d.   Stay calm and in control.1.67 points 45   Which of the following is NOT the recommended choice for ingested poison?   to.   None of the above (None of the above)   b.   Activated Charcoal   c.   Call Poison Control   d.   Ipecac (Ipecac)1.67 points 46   Which of the following best describes the purpose of a standard telephone keypad for receiving messages?   to.   Have carbon copies to keep written records.   b.   For emergency calls only   c.   To make appointments   d.   To screen calls1.67 points 47   Which of the following is NOT a consideration to use for effective message taking?   to.   When you receive a message, provide callers with an approximate callback time.   b.   Always attach a patient’s message to the chart before placing it on the provider’s desk.   c.   Use a standard carbonless copy message book.   d.   You can discuss the patient’s condition with the caller.1.67 points 48   An incoming call is initiated by asking the caller a few s to screen calls. Why is this important?   to.   To give you time to ask the office manager for help   b.   Get information and give you time to think   c.   Take out your etiquette book to help the person   d.   To ensure that the caller speaks to the person who will be most helpful1.67 points 49   Which of the following is a way to convey first impressions?   to.   facial expressions   b.   Body language   c.   All of the above   d.   Body posture1.67 points 50   Which of the following are emergency situations that require first priority assessments?   to.   Breathing and airway problems, back injuries, head injuries   b.   Head injuries, fractures, poisoning   c.   Back injuries, head injuries, poisoning   d.   Fractures, back injuries, head injuries   and.   Poisoning, respiratory and airway problems, head injuries, bleeding, allergic reaction1.67 points 51   Which is not a type of VoIP service?   to.   protocol connection   b.   computer / computer   c.   IP phone   d.   analog phone adapter1.67 points 52   Which of the following types of intoxication is common with drug abuse?   to.   Ingestion   b.   Inhalation   c.   Absorption   d.   Injection1.67 points 53   An important part of telephone courtesy is listening. Which of the following is NOT an appropriate action when listening?   to.   Pay attention to what is said.   b.   Do not interrupt.   c.   Use empathy.   d.   End the call by saying “bye-bye”   and.   Listen to the tone of voice.1.67 points 54   Which of the following statements is false regarding burns?   to.   First degree burns usually heal within a month and some scarring may appear.   b.   A second degree burn affects the epidermis and dermis.   c.   Blisters form with second degree burns.   d.   Third degree burns affect or destroy all layers of the skin.1.67 points 55   At the doctor’s office, which of the following calls would be directed to the clinical medical assistant?   to.   Billing s   b.   Patient test scheduling   c.   New Prescription Requests   d.   Another suppliers1.67 points 56   Which of the following options best describes the process of communication in digital form through computer networks?   to.   a facsimile machine   b.   Automated routing unit   c.   Email   d.   answering service1.67 points 57   Which of the following is not an important evaluation when caring for injuries of the musculoskeletal system?   to.   Note the extent of swelling and bruising.   b.   Note the deformity and pain.   c.   Note the use of extremities.   d.   Watch the blood pressure.1.67 points 58   What information should the physician assistant obtain about a new patient who contacts the office?   to.   Name of patient   b.   Reference source name   c.   Telephone number during the day   d.   All of the above 59    Based on telephone courtesies, when is it acceptable to put a patient on hold?    to.    When it’s an urgent call    b.    When it’s an emergency only    c.    When you have the patient’s name and why you are calling    d.    At any time, without asking and receiving permission to do so1.67 points 60    What is the main reason information is repeated to a caller while calls are being screened?    to.    It gives the caller a chance to clarify and/or confirm the information.    b.    Let the caller know that she is listening    c.    Gives an appearance of professionalism    d.    keeps you focusedHealth ScienceScienceNursingMEA 1204CGShare

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