Answered step-by-step 11pts When measuring oral liquid medic

Answered step-by-step 11pts When measuring oral liquid medications, which of the… 11 pts When measuring oral liquid medications, which of the following equals 1 tbsp?Group of answer choices15 mL 30 mL 5 mL 10 mL  Flag :2 21 pts The patient is ordered nitropaste 2% 1 inch top daily. Where should this medication be placed?Group of answer choicesthe vagina the ear the skin the rectum  Flag :3 31 pts The patient is ordered Restoril® 15 mg po at bedtime. By what route should the patient take this medication?Group of answer choicesorally topically vaginally rectally  Flag :4 41 pts The patient is ordered Compazine 25 mg supp pr q6h prn nausea. By what route should this drug be administered?Group of answer choicesorally rectally vaginally topically  Flag :5 51 pts Medications ordered ac are to be givenGroup of answer choicesbefore meals. with food. with milk. after meals.  Flag :6 61 pts VIss – Iss =Group of answer choicesVI. IV. III. V.  Flag :7 71 pts “Quantity sufficient” is abbreviated asGroup of answer choicesaq. qs. sl. sq.  Flag :8 81 pts The physician wrote an order for Lopressor® 50 mg po 2 tabs tid. How much of the medication should the patient take at each dose?Group of answer choices150 mg 200 mg 100 mg 50 mg  Flag :9 91 pts Tetracycline po q6h for 10 days. What is missing from this order?Group of answer choicesdrug dose frequency route  Flag :10 101 pts What is the route for this medication?  Group of answer choicespo top ivss route not included  Flag :11 111 pts Referring to this electronic medication order, letter B represents  Group of answer choicesroute. dose. frequency. drug.  Flag :12 121 pts Which of these droppers is the best choice to measure 0.1 mL of an oral medication?   Group of answer choicesDropper A Dropper B Dropper C Dropper D  Flag :13 131 pts Which of these droppers is the best choice for measuring a dose of tsp?  Group of answer choicesDropper A Dropper B Dropper C Dropper D  Flag :14 141 pts A 2-year-old is to receive a 1 tbsp dose of an oral liquid medication. Which piece of equipment is the best choice to administer this to the child?   Group of answer choices1 2 3 4  Flag :15 151 pts Mr. Spengle is to take 1 oz of an oral medication. Which device would be used to measure this dose?  Group of answer choices1 2 3 4  Flag :16 161 pts The physician ordered tsp of a medication instilled into Mr. Beauregard’s right ear. Which device should be used to measure and administer this order?   Group of answer choices1 2 3 4  Flag :17 171 pts A tuberculin syringe is being used to administer 0.35 mL of a given medication. Which of the following is the equivalent dose?Group of answer choices3.5 hundredths of a milliliter 350 hundredths of a milliliter 0.35 hundredths of a milliliter 35 hundredths of a milliliter  Flag :18 181 pts Which of the following gauges of needles is best for a subcutaneous injection?Group of answer choices21 gauge 14 gauge 19 gauge 25 gauge  Flag :19 191 pts Which of the following is best used to measure 3 mL of oral medication?Group of answer choicesa medicine cup a standard syringe a metered dose inhaler an oral syringe  Flag :20 201 pts Which of the following is best for measuring and administering a parenteral dose of 2 mL?Group of answer choicesan oral syringe a tuberculin syringe a standard syringe a medicine cup  No new data to save. Last che Health ScienceScienceNursingMED 110Share

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