Anatomy & PhysiologyTerms to Review! Digestive System Mucosa

Anatomy & PhysiologyTerms to Review! Digestive System Mucosa Layer…    Anatomy & PhysiologyTerms to Review!Digestive SystemMucosa LayerPeristalsisAccessory organsUpper esophageal sphincterLower esophageal sphincter (LES)Small intestine villi MicrovilliStomachLower esophageal sphincterPyloric sphincterChief cellsParietal cellsPertinent diagnostic testsUpper endoscopyLaparoscopyEsophageal manometryVideo capsule endoscopyUpper GI seriesH. PyloriUrea breath testStool antigen test Peptic Ulcer Disease: What is the pathophysiology?Two types of PUD:Duodenal UlcerGastric UlcerWhat is the primary cause of this disease?What are the risk factors for the disease?Name two diagnostic tests used to diagnose PUD? Duodonal: Where is this ulcer located?Know pathophysiologySymptomsWhen are symptoms present? This is different from gastric!What will the patient look like? Gastric Ulcer: Where is this ulcer located?Know pathophysiologySymptomsWhen are symptoms present? This is different from duodenal!What will the patient look like?GERD: What is the pathophysiology?What sphincter has been loosened?What are the risk factors?Symptoms:Diagnostic Tests: Pancreatitis: What is the pathophysiology?What are the three pancreatic digestive enzymes?Acute: When does this occur?What are two causes?What does enzyme production do to inflammation?Autodigestion: define and understand what it does to the pancreas.Symptoms: List these and why they happenDiagnostic Tests Labs: What do they indicate?CBCESRC-Reactive ProteinAmylaseLipaseChronic Pancreatitis: When does this occur and what are causes?Beta Cells: what are these and what impact does chronic pancreatitis have on these cells?Hepatic Anatomy & Physiology Terms to Review:Glisson capsuleHepatic arteryHepatic portal veinHepatocytesKupffer cellsBile Functions of the LiverBile’s purposeBilirubinStorage Clotting factorsAmmoniaProteinsGlucoseDetoxification Liver Diagnostic TestsAspartate transaminase (AST)Alanine transaminase (ALT)Alkaline phosphataseAlbuminProthrombin timeUrea levelsBilirubin levels Cirrhosis: What is the functions of liverWhat is the pathophysiology?5 steps leading to cirrhosisDefine the following symptoms and the cause of these symptomsJaundiceHepatic EncephalopathyWhy is ammonia increased?What symptoms will a patient have as the disease progresses?Portal hypertensionMelenaCaput medusaAsterixisAscites: What causes this?Albumin: What does this regulate?Oncotic pressure: How does albumin effect this?HypoglycemiaGI bleeding Celiac Disease Review: What is celiac disease?Briefly describe the pathophysiology of celiac disease?List 4 patient signs/symptoms.Irritable Bowel Syndrome/IBS:Briefly describe the pathophysiology of IBD.List 6 patient signs/symptoms.Intestinal Obstruction:Briefly describe the pathophysiology of IO.List  7 Mechanical Obstruction Causes:List 4 Functional Obstructions Causes:List 5 patient signs/symptoms.Health Science Science Nursing NURB 340

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