An eight thousand word count extended literature review and.

An eight thousand word count extended literature review and…  An eight thousand word count extended literature review and work-based project. Literature review – A relevant researchis developed, and a logical and focused literature search is undertaken to find current evidence about it to determine best practiceWork-based project – A relevant project idea is developed with the purpose of exploring one aspect of nursing care, focusing on quality improvement. work should reflect your field of Nursing.  Demonstrate a critical understanding of the evidence relating to the chosen topic area, its principles and benefits to nursing in your field of nursing practice.Effectively evaluate contemporary research and evidence-based practice.Apply a ing and analytical approach to the utilisation of research findings in practice.Develop evidence-based recommendations for enhancing nursing care within your field of nursing practice.Task requirements Extended literature review (ELR)Word-based project (WBP) AcknowledgementsContents page including tables and figures, glossary and/or abbreviationsAbstract – use the following headings: Aim, Background, Methods, Findings, Conclusion two hundred word countAbstract – use the following sub-headings: Aim, Practice improvement, Background, Methods of implementation, Conclusion  two hundred word countIntroduction – Overview of assignment outlining your overall aims, the topic area you are focusing on and rationale for choice. Include a justification for the choosing the topic area. Relevant definitions and brief critical discussion regarding the importance of research in nursing  two hundred and fifty word countIntroduction – Overview of assignment outlining aims, the aspect of practice to be improved, rationale for choice and suggestion for quality improvement implementation. Relevant definitions and brief critical discussion regarding the importance of quality improvement in nursing  five hundred word countBackground – Discuss in more depth the chosen topic area, so that you are setting the scene to its relevance to current nursing practice. Include government statistics and policies, as well as NICE guidelines where relevant. Indicate the topic’s relevant to current nursing practice including any relevant background information seven hundred and fifty word count Critical review of the literature – Conduct a critical review of the literature relevant to your chosen aspect of care and quality improvement, this will provide the basis for critical discussion to support your chosen area of quality improvement. Your critical discussion should include detail about your search strategy to undertake the review of the literature two thousand five hundred word countMethodology – Provide a detailed audit trail of the methodology, including how yourwas structured using PICO/PEO, keywords, database selected, search strategy applied, inclusion and exclusion criteria, summary of articles selected. Use tables as illustrations. Recommendation to select 6 – 10 relevant primary research articles.Provide a summary of the articles selected and present a table (landscape presentation) in the appendices at the end of the ELR two thousand word countMethods of implementation – Offer a critical discussion related to theory and strategies of management change. You are expected to develop a detailed plan for quality improvement and implementation, providing a critical analysis of the challenges likely to be encountered when implementing the suggested quality improvement idea and how these might be overcome two thousand word countFindings – identify how the thematic analysis took place and what determined a theme. With each theme as a sub-heading, review the findings reported by the selected research papers and critically appraise the research methods used in the study. Using a critiquing tool (such as Caldwell, Henshaw, and Taylor, 2011) to support this two thousand five hundred word countDiscussion – provide a critical analysis demonstrating how your project will be implemented and/or evaluated demonstrating practice initiatives or change two thousand word count     a topics critical focus on, and the Health Science Science Nursing HEALTH, SP 228

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