After the lumbar puncture in what position should the nurse

After the lumbar puncture in what position should the nurse place… After the lumbar puncture in what position should the nurse place the client?a. head elevated @ 30 degreeb. flat on bedc. modified trendelenburgd. head elevated @ 45 degree2.The nurse caring for a patient with Alzheimer disease expects to observe which of the following manifestation?1.  Forgetfulness and difficulty in finding words  3. Patient may wander at night2.  Depressed and suspicious                                   4. Patient may suffer dysphagiaA. 1 & 2         B. 2 & 3                             C. 3 & 4      D. 1,2,3,4 3. Which of the following nursing interventions is best for a patient with Alzheimer disease who is wandering and not able to sleep at night?A.  Allow patient to wander in a safe until he become tired.B. Allow time for the patient to complete a task.C. Use a firm volume and a low pitched voice to communicate.D. Speak slowly and clearly.  4. Which of the following is the definitive diagnostic examination of Alzheimer disease?A. Autopsy                     B. EEG C. CT Scan       D.  MRI  5. Which of the following nursing care is not an intervention for a patient who have altered thought processes  of a client with Alzheimer disease?A.   Call the patient by name. C .  Orient client frequentlyB.   Close and secure doors. D. Use familiar objects in the room. 6. Sudden alterations in normal brain activity that cause distinct behavior and body function can be related to which of the following?A. Alzheimer disease  C. Multiple sclerosisB. CNS infection  D. Parkinson’s disease 7. Management of seizure disorder includes which of the following except?A. Proper identification C. Prohibition of drivingB. Prevent Valhalla maneuver D. Withdrawal from alcohol 8. A patient who will undergo electroencephalogram includes which of the following preparation?A. administer stimulant   C. Administer tranquilizerB.  Removal of metal D. Hair Shampooing  before the procedure 9. Mrs. Cruz tells the nurse,” Every time I go into the room my husband cries. I am afraid I have done something to upset him.”Which of the following is the best response by the nurse?a. “Mr. Cruz is trying to get your sympathy. You must ignore the crying and talk about other                       things.”b. Mr. Cruz has no control over his crying. It is a symptom of his illness and does not mean that he is unhappy.”c. Mr. Cruz needs some time alone to sort out his feelings. You should consider staying away for few days.d. Mr. Cruz might need psychiatric consultation. Perhaps you could talk to your doctor. 10.While bathing Mr. Cruz, you notice a reddened area on his right hip. Which of the following is an appropriate nursing action?A. Apply lotion and powder before turning him on the right side.B. Apply warm, moist compresses intermittently.C. Clean it with alcohol and apply a sterile dressing.D. Massage the area every 2 hours and keep him off his right side. Health Science Science Nursing

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