After performing a Leopold’s maneuver, the nurse document th

After performing a Leopold’s maneuver, the nurse document the… After performing a Leopold’s maneuver, the nurse document the presentation as LOA.A. Define the term LOA  Match the terms with the definitions: 1.Attitude                      A. Opening of cervix from 1 to 10cm                  2.Dilatation                     B. Fetal part entering the pelvis first                  3. Presentation              C. Relationship of fetal parts to one another 2. The client’s vaginal examination reveals that the cervix is 5cm dilated, 80% effaced and the position is vertex at station 0. The nurse should interpret that the client is in which stage and phase of labor? A. Second stage, latent phaseB. First stage, active phaseC. First stage, latent phaseD. Third stage, transition phase 2Q. Explain the first stage of labor; Active and Transition. Include the nursing actions 3. The nurse is reviewing the electronic monitoring of a client who is in active labor. Variable deceleration is seen on the tracing. A variable deceleration occurs as a result of.   A. Utero-placental insufficiency    B. Head compression-benign    C. Cord compression     D. Normal movement of the presenting part 4. Define the Mnemonic: VEAL CHOP    V:                                   C:    E:                                  H:     A:                                  O:     L:                                   P: 5. Explain the management of a non-reassuring fetal heart rate. 6. The client who is 36-year-old primigravida, 18 wks. gestation was seen in the clinic for follow-up prenatal care. She is concerned that her age may have an effect on the baby. She is considering having a Quad marker screening done but needs more information on the test. 6A. Explain the Quad marker screening and its purpose. 7. The nurse in the clinic is taking care of a patient at her first prenatal visit. LMP November10, 2021. The client revealed that she has two children who were born at 39 weeks gestation, a son who was born preterm and one abortion at 18 weeks gestation. How would the nurse interpret this information? (GTPAL). Using Naegele’s rule calculate the EDD. 7b. Define the following terms GravidaParityQuickeningViability: Supine hypotension8. A nurse is seeing a client and her husband for their first appointment at the fertility clinic. What education should the nurse provide on diagnostic studies, basal body temperature and semen analysis. 8b. What medication can be used to in a client that has an anovulatory menstrual cycle. What is the side effects of the medication?  9. Explain the following procedures used to assess fetal well-beingA. Non-stress testB. Biophysical profileC. AmniocentesisHealth Science Science Nursing NR 327

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