After listening to Michelle, carry out further online resear

After listening to Michelle, carry out further online research into… After listening to Michelle, carry out further online research into schizophrenia to learn more about the illness and its most common symptoms, including those that Michelle is experiencing – i.e. positive, negative and cognitive.Using the template provided write one short report on your findings.You will need to identify:what schizophrenia ishow it is diagnosedthe symptomscauseswho gets ithow it is treated and managed.A section in the template has also been provided for you to list the sources of information accessed for this research. Your trainer and assessor will check you have accessed at least three different sources. What is schizophrenia?      What is psychosis and how is it related to schizophrenia?      How is schizophrenia diagnosed?      What are the symptoms of schizophrenia?      What are the ‘positive’ symptoms of schizophrenia?      What are the ‘negative’ symptoms of schizophrenia?      What causes schizophrenia?      Who can get schizophrenia?      How can schizophrenia be treated?     Where did you obtain the information for this research? Provide a list of the resources you accessed and used.        Consider what you know about Michelle and schizophrenia. Use this information to develop a mental health recovery plan for Michelle (a template is provided below).In the plan, you are to identify and record Michelle’s:recovery goalsdaily activities she needs to do to stay healthypotential relapse triggers – i.e. events or experiences that could contribute to a setbackearly warning signs that things are not going wellcrisis plan for difficult timesstrategies to implement post a crisis.Goals:   Goals:1.2.3.Action plan:    Daily maintenance plan:    Triggers and action plan:    Potential triggers: Action plan:  Early warning signs and action plan:   Early warning signs: Action plan:     Crisis plan:    Crisis plan:    Post crisis plan:    Action plan:         Health Science Science Nursing NURS 2001

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