ACTIVITY 1 CASE STUDY 1 Melinda Jaffe is a 28-year old mothe

ACTIVITY 1 CASE STUDY 1 Melinda Jaffe is a 28-year old mother of… ACTIVITY 1 CASE STUDY 1Melinda Jaffe is a 28-year old mother of two, ages 5 and 3 years. Melinda is in for her second prenatal visit. She is 5 months pregnant and has  a history of congestive heart failure secondary to valve disease from childhood rheumatic fever. :1. What is the most dangerous time in the pregnancy for  a woman with cardiac disease and why?2. How might the fact that Melinda has two young children affect her risk for complications from her heart disease? What nursing interventions would you plan? CASE STUDY 2Danielle is a 38 years old secretary who is pregnant with her first child. She is 5 ft 6 in. and weighs 210 lb. When she arrives at the clinic for her seventh month visit the nurse notes her blood pressure is 148/92 mmHg. She states she has had ankle edema for several months now but lately has noticed swelling in her face and hands. : 1. What symptoms might signal the development of mild preeclampsia? How would you teach a client to monitor for them?2. What nursing measures would you implement for a client with mild preeclampsia? CASE STUDY 3 Bretha, age 16 years old has a T1 spinal injury du to an automobile accident 2 years ago. She is 4 months pregnant and is in for her second prenatal visit.:1. What are the some of the major areas you would assess to determine priorities in planning care for Bretha?2. In what ways will Bretha’s ages add to the complications normally presents for a pregnant woman with a spinal cord injury?3. What issues might impact birth control measures that you suggest for bretha during your postpartal teaching? ACTIVITY 2Short answer1. Identify 3 factors that have contributed to the inability to stop teenage pregnancies2. Name 3 physical conditions that a pregnant adolescent is at high risk for developing3. Explain how nurses can be instrumental in helping the nation achieve the goal of reducing pregnancy among girls aged 17 years and younger.4. Discuss nursing responsibilities relative to child safety for the pregnant woman who is experiencing moderate or severe cognitive challenges5. Discuss the reasons a pregnant woman with drug dependency might not comply with a prenatal visitation schedule or proper diet, Health Science Science Nursing NURS 424

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