A public health nurse named Simone is invited to lead an…

A public health nurse named Simone is invited to lead an… A public health nurse named Simone is invited to lead an interdisciplinary health care team to improve the health of people in their service delivery area, which is in a large city in the southern United States. Initially the discussion from the other members of the team is illness focused (rise of diabetes and heart disease in primarily African Americans), then moves to health care delivery challenges (need more hospital beds and specialists), and finally the financial issue of how to pay for this with less tax revenue to assist with uncompensated care. Simone has already attempted health education/teaching focused on improving individual health behavior, but her data support that this only incrementally helped some patients and not for the long term. Simone thinks back to the seminal work of Nancy Milio, whereby health education that is minimally impacting health behavior tends to reflect the lack of health-promoting options and is limited by the choices or perceived choices that people have in their social environment (Milio, N., 1976 as cited in Stanhope).Simone decides to use resources that were developed to guide public health professionals. The public health core functions identify a comprehensive assessment that has already been completed. Read more about the public health core functions here: https://www.cdc.gov/nceh/ehs/ephli/core_ess.htm. Then she uses the Minnesota Public Health Nursing Wheel (PHN Wheel) to guide and organize next steps towards action (intervention/policy development). Read more about the PHN Wheel here: http://www.health.state.mn.us/divs/opi/cd/phn/wheel.html.She knows her team needs to have a better understanding of issues beyond the individual chronic diseases. Simone inspires the team to think “upstream” about the social determinants of health in her community, as she is seeing multi-generations with chronic health issues in her practice.Simone was informed of a funding opportunity from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF) for nurse innovators with the goal of improving to the culture of health in their communities. Simone’s team read the action framework and presented this to a neighborhood association to see if this would be a good fit moving forward. They agreed that this a usable tool, with action areas that are evidence-based drivers of health. She subsequently applied and received RWJF seed funding and the team moves forward with using the Culture of Health (CoH) framework.Read about this movement and the four action areas and how to measure the action areas: https://www.rwjf.org/en/cultureofhealth.htmlWhat is the difference between the problem outlined by the health care team and what Simone is proposing?Apply 2-3 Nursing theoretical and action frameworks which broaden our understanding of health.Identify how the culture of health framework integrates with the public health core competencies and the PHN wheel.Identify and utilize the components of the intervention wheel to create an action plan.Describe, in detail, the role of nurse leadership, advocacy, and collaboration with non-health sectors in the community.  Health Science Science Nursing NURS MISC

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